The Stinky Running Shirt

The Shirt in better days!

Have you ever had to throw out a favorite running shirt because it stunk so bad that your spouse or whatever, told you how bad you stunk after a run and to throw the #$%$& out?

The other day I finished running three miles and came back in for lunch.  While we were in the kitchen, TheWife who is not known for being very politically correct said you “really have a certain aroma about you today!”

I “gently” reminded her that I just got done running and probably should have a lovely aroma. She told me “you stink!”

I don’t try to be purposely offensive to my wife, so I said something rather sarcastic (not me!) and went in and changed shirts and came back out – She let me know I was now a lot more acceptable to be around, but definitely needed to shower.

However, when I went back in to get the shirt, I could even smell how bad it was, even with my horrible sniffer. Kind of a combination of rotten cabbage, skunk and bad body odor – not anything that I really want in the house or wear again.

No I haven’t had cabbage lately and I haven’t had any run-ins with a skunk in over a couple of years. ;-P

When I carried it outstretched in my hand to the kitchen, TheWife told me to get that nasty thing out of here and not to put it in the dirty laundry, but to throw the #$!@ing thing out, along with a few other choice comments that only a loving wife can have. Like a good husband (there are some things to go to battle over, getting rid of a stinky old running shirt is not one of them – even if it was my favorite shirt) I said “yes dear” and put it in the trash can.

Now in a way that was really hard for me to do, I really loved that shirt (a lot of good training memories and when/where I got it – Saucony Outlet Store down in Kittery in 2004), it didn’t have too many holes in it, still had its color – bright yellow, was just starting to fit right again (loosing 20 pounds does that) and very few snags.

I know that I could get 3-4 more years out of it as far as wear goes. Yes I wear my stuff out – too frugal nowadays not to.

However, I have learned that once a running shirt reaches the level of stink that this one had, there is no getting rid of the stench. I have tried all the baking soda soaks with charcoal, specialty stink remover detergents, leaving it in the sun to kill whatever is living in the shirt, vinegar and nothing makes that level of stink in a running shirt go away, except putting it in the trash can.

Too bad too I really, really liked that shirt and won’t get another one like it for a long time. Oh well gotta move on.

  • What do you use to get rid of the trench running shirt smell that works most of the time?
  • How about you have you had to get rid of a favorite shirt, not because it wore out, but because it stunk too much?

Let me know, this is one of those problems that I have had more than a few times over the years and had to throw out perfectly good running shirts, except for the level of stench that they had. I was going to get a picture of what it looks like now, but when I took the trash to the transfer station the other day, it went too, so no recent picture of a great shirt.