A Simple Idea Fixed a Long Time Problem

Sometimes it is the simple or little things that tend to annoy us the most and the best way to fix it are even simpler. Once you recognize what needs to be done.

Our house is pretty small and in order to have the freezer inside the house instead of out in the garage, a few years back, we bought a stackable washer/dryer set.  We also have a shelving unit that we use as a ready pantry that goes between the two in that small space.

Part of problem is that the washer/dryer stack moves a little during the spin cycles and the unit eventually ends up blocking the door, so that you have to keep pushing it back.  Even then we only had about 1/4 inch gap to open the door.  When I am in my best Harold the Destroyer mode, it means that I open the door and either wack the dryer or the washing machine door – luckily I haven’t broken anything – YET.

Having to keep pushing the washer/dryer back, also causes a problem with the dryer vent hose, which has to be sort of crushed in order for us to be able to open/close the exit door.  Which means the venting isn’t as good as it should be and it could be a fire hazard if we didn’t keep cleaned out regularly.

This problem has been here for at least 5-6 years and one of those ongoing things that you don’t really think about it and just do what you need to do every time it moves and blocks the door.

Simple Solution

Well today, I had a brain cramp – why not switch the shelving unit and the stackable washer/dryer unit around?  We talked it over and both of us decided it was a good idea. I am sure that this would be a fairly obvious solution to many of you there, but we were too close to the problem to think of that before now.

Here is the end result.

Gitr done

In TheWife’s usual style as soon as lunch was over, she got up and started moving things off the shelving unit. When I remarked that “I guess we are doing it now”, she smiled and said “No time like the present.” It really didn’t take all that long, and we would have been done sooner, but I nicked two of my fingers on something and I was bleeding all over the place.

TheWife says whenever I do something around the house that I have to give blood – it seems to be true and sometimes I wonder if I am just clumsy or are there other forces that want to be appeased…Naw I am just Harold the Destroyer and giving blood is part of doing battle in and around the house.

There still isn’t a lot of room, but now the washer/dryer is out of the way and the door goes by the shelving unit without any problems. That problem is solved, now to find out how the freezer and washer/dryer get along side-by-side. 🙂

It was actually a very simple solution to a problem that had bugged us for way too many years.

I wonder do you have anything around your house that you keep fixing or moving, because you have always done it that way, but never get around a permanent solution or fix, simply because you haven’t stopped and looked at what you are doing from a different perspective?

Try it maybe there is a way to do it so you don’t have to keep moving or fixing whatever it is.

Yes we also had some supervision while we were putting things back and then Joey decided that an old Sam Adams box was more appropriate for him to lie in than for us to throw out back.

The reality is that

in the big picture having to move the washer/dryer stack every couple of days or so, was not a big deal, but me not having to worry about being Harold the Destroyer by accident. Then having to spend a lot of money to get something fixed, just because I was being me and opened a door, could be very important.  Especially if TheWife is unhappy because I broke something yet again.

Sometimes it is the simple things, that make your life just a little bit easier or less stressful.

Keep it real, keep it simple, but remember to always keep it really simple whenever you can.