Joey’s World – Chapter One

Joey – otherwise know as, well there are several names

Joey came to us through Abby.

I remember well that day, now almost ten years ago, when I first spotted Abby. I was driving home from work. It was late September. A Siamese cat ran across the road in front of me, disappearing into the woods. We would often run across a black cat with white feet in the neighborhood, but never a Siamese, or what I call a “Gourmet” cat. I told Harold that I had seen a Siamese loose in the woods when I got home.

At that time, my two daughters were still in high school. My husband and I drove the younger daughter back to school that night for a football game. She rushed out of the house with her supper, and ate in the car on the way to the game. We dropped her off and returned later to pick her up and return home.

As we passed the area where I had seen the Siamese, we spotted a cat crouched in the drainage ditch. Harold was driving. I asked him to stop the car. My daughter opened her door. We did not even have to call the cat. She sprang for the car door without hesitation, glad to leave the woods behind. She raced across the back seat to my daughter’s leftover supper. She latched onto the pork chop bone, growling and chewing with great delight.


This was how Abby came to live with us. We already had three cats, two Siamese and a Himalayan. We made room for what we thought would be one more Gourmet. But Abby had another surprise for us. She blessed us with four kittens on Valentine’s Day.

Now we had eight cats! Four Gourmets, and four non. Yup. It turned out that Abby also ran into the black cat with white feet. Two kittens were pure black, one was an orange tiger, and the other was black with white feet, just like his daddy.

Unfortunately, we could not keep them all. We felt that Abby belonged in a one-cat household. She was too strong a personality for our other Gourmets. A very nice woman with no pets adopted Abby.

We decided to keep two of the kittens.

Joey and his brother Bear

Kittens are so adorable. How would we pick just two? We finally decided to keep one black kitten and the black and white. A retired doctor and his wife adopted the orange kitten into their family. The black kittens looked identical, except that one black kitten followed me around. I wanted to keep that kitten. My niece offered to adopt the other.

I worried that I might give the wrong black kitten away. I had the brilliant idea that I would trim a patch of hair on my kitten’s right side so I would know it was him. My niece arrived. The cats were running around. The kittens were running around. I grabbed one black kitten. I could not tell if it had a patch of hair gone. I grabbed the other kitten. That one looked the same. They were so frightened by all the noise, neither black kitten was bonding with me. My niece left with one of the black kittens.

In the weeks that followed, I watched the black kitten we kept. It did not follow me around. Did I give my kitten away? I visited my niece. Nope, her kitten was having nothing to do with me, either.

So much for my great idea! Which kitten was which?

The best laid plans of mice and men. . . .

That was a number of years ago. The black kitten we kept, Joey, has grown into a strong personality, a lot like his mom. He bonded with my younger daughter until she moved away. Now he will sit in my lap, but always on his terms.

Did I end up with my black kitten?

A couple years ago, Joey developed a white patch of hair on his right side — where I had cut a patch on my kitten all those years ago. Joey, the chosen one.

(Chapter One in the Ongoing Saga of Joey)