Week In Review – 10/30/11

This has been a pretty good week, with a couple of stressful periods that were resolved very positively.

My favorite photo from the week – Nature

We have gone from being a 3 car family to 2, which should reduce our expenditures a great deal and help our budget in the long run.  I was sad to see the Baja go, but it was time and will be a great vehicle for the person who bought it.

We got the yard buttoned up and ready for winter, which came with a vengeance on Sunday. The so-called October 2011 Blizzard dumped somewhere between 10-12 inches of wet, heavy, sticky snow.  Which along with the strong gusty winds resulted in us loosing power twice over the past 24 hours.

Not having power was a pain in the ass, but not really a big deal. We were warm, had plenty of food, during the short period of power this afternoon, we did water management and it was just something that needed to be gotten through.  That is why this post is a little late tonight, we got power back around 8:30 P.M.

I have really bumped up my use of Google+ and find the more that I use it the more that I like it.  However, I am not crazy about the attitudes of some of the “early adopters” and what their vision of what g+ should be.  Time will tell, if g+ remains a geek haven or if it is adopted by the general public who use the Internet.

These are the posts for this week:

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  2. Cold Weather is Coming – The Mice Say So
  3. Look at Noise as an Opportunity on Google+
  4. Wordless Wednesday – 10/26/11
  5. The Garden and Yard are Buttoned up for Winter
  6. Google Plus – My Circle Management System
  7. Opening Day of Hunting Season
  8. October 2011 – Blizzard Pictures from Maine

Below are the posts that received the most pageviews over the course of the last week.

  1. Evernote as a Task Manager
  2. Look at Noise as an Opportunity on Google+
  3. Opus Domini – Electronic Organizer Review
  4. The Garden and Yard are Buttoned up for Winter
  5. Cold Weather is Coming – The Mice Say So

It is nice to see that some of the newer posts are starting to get into the week’s top 5, but since the 28th, none of the posts that we have published show much in the way of stats showing them having been viewed, even though people are commenting on them here and on g+, so something might be wrong with Blogger’s stats.

I don’t know, but something is going on.

So overall it was a pretty decent week and now that power is back on, it is even better.  Now I just have to get a handle on my g+ circles and not be having over 2,000 people in my stream.  That is something that I will take care of this week – trying to get it down to around 300 people.  That should be enough to have quality conversations, while maintaining enough variety to not get bogged down into one interest group.