October 2011 – Blizzard Pictures from Maine

I thought that this was very fitting – Nature

The October 2011 Blizzard is over, the sun is now shining.

We have power back (thank you so much CMP), we lost it this morning around 2:00 A.M. and got it back around 11:15 A.M.  It was not for a very long time, but it was a good reminder of a couple of things that I need to be better prepared to do.

For the most part we slept through everything but the start, when I tried to be romantic and get TheWife to go for a walk in the snow – just like it did on the night we met. Wasn’t the same, that night back in 2000 was a nice gentle snow that was romantic, last night was a blizzard, so it wasn’t all that romantic, but I tried.

The cleanup was tough though, the heavy wet snow is more like a late March snow and we call it heart attack snow, because of the number of people who have heart attacks while shoveling.  The worst part of this storm for me was cleaning the roofs off, with the roof rake, my shoulders ache pretty bad and it was definitely a workout.

Here are pictures of the aftermath.

The apple tree all bent over, had to go out and shake the branches off before they started breaking
Looking down the driveway
Snowplow going by while walking Bennie
Looking up the driveway, TheWife already out shoveling the steps, while I was walking Bennie – Boy am I lucky!
After the first pass of the snowblower
The driveway is done
The clothesline, it looks like something trying to crawl up the pole – just more snow
Garage roof after roof raking
Grape vine
What I couldn’t reach on the garage roof

No the storm wasn’t really all that bad, it was more of an inconvenience for us. We have been using the wood stove most of the time anyway, so we had heat. The biggest thing that I forgot to do is to have our emergency water supply ready, which if the power was out for a long time would have been a bit of a pain, but we have plenty of snow to melt for water.  So it wouldn’t have been a crisis situation for a while.

The biggest thing was snow blowing the drive and the rocks it was throwing around – no our driveway is not tar and in all likelihood never will be.

I hope that the electric companies get power back on quickly for the people who still don’t have it and are not really ready for life without power for any extended time.  Maybe this and Irene will be a wake-up call for them to look to see what they can do differently and to become more self-reliant in emergency situations, when they may not have power for extended periods of time.

Somehow I don’t think it will, and these are the people who will bitch the most at the power companies to get the power back on.  After all it is their right to always have power {heavy sarcasm there}.  Might be something people want to think about as our infrastructure continues to age and this happens more often.

Hell we even read real books this morning – yes we can survive without technology, but it does make life a lot nicer and a heck of a lot easier and no I wouldn’t want to go back to living without electricity full-time.