The Garden and Yard are Buttoned up for Winter

Today was predicted to be first snow, however it now looks as though it will stay to the south of us, but it is still pretty raw outside.  This meant that most of the week has been spent preparing the yard and all growing things for the colder weather to come.

The gardens are completely buttoned up, anything else that needs to be done, can now wait until next spring.

Main Garden
Spring Garden with the Cold Fram in front of it

Speaking of the cold frame we are starting to eat our daily salads from it. It was a great idea that I got from the #gardenchat crew back in August, which is working out quite well.

Cold fram and our daily salad patch.

This is the one thing that I will be sorry to see end in a few weeks, but once it starts getting into the twenties or lower on a regular basis, I don’t see these plants continuing to thrive.

Our garlic bed is doing fantastic and yesterday we put the shavings over it, to add protection (it is our first time planting garlic and we are looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out.

Mary has always put bags of leaves around the bottom of the grape vines and each the grape vines seem to do better, so it seems to help.

Grape vine after haircut and prepped for winter
Smaller grape vine that finally is starting to take hold prepped for winter

Yes we were even able to move the compost bin to its winter placement.  No for those of you who follow me on Twitter, there was no yellow jacket nest at the bottom of the compost when I moved it. The day before, there were too damn many of the little beasties to finish moving the compost bin and putting stuff in our second stage, without tempting fate and having them use their other ends on me.

Compost bin

All the lawn ornaments have been taken in, the hose is wrapped, bird bath emptied and put in back of the garage, all that is left for outside chores is to decide if it is too late to prune the apple tree or wait for spring to do it.

We even cleaned and moved stuff around in the garage, so that we can now park the vehicles inside it.

There is room in the garages now
The empty yard

No the yard has a barren and forlorn look to it now, it certainly is not that vibrant and alive look that we had this summer.  I am looking forward to my first winter of my semi-retirement and not having to brave the elements to get to work on a daily basis and being able to enjoy the outdoors during the winter.  At the same time, I will miss this:

It is time to look forward to and think about how and what we will plant next year and what changes we have in store for both the garden and the yard.

However, now is time to get out the colder weather gear and wait for first snow.