Stepping Out

Looking at a Salamander

I would like to introduce TheWife, alias Mary, who is now co-authoring  “One Foot In Reality”.  As I said yesterday in my TheWife Wants to Blog Too post,  I really look forward to her contributions, ideas and the adult supervision that she will provide me here.  🙂

The garden is covered for the winter and almost all the canning and preserving is done. Now it is time to get out knitting, quilting, and artist’s brushes, and to ready the snowshoes and skis.

I see my husband writing for his blog each day.

I asked him yesterday, “Might anyone be interested in my viewpoint?”

Before retirement two years ago, I wrote up to 20 to 30 pages of text a day at work.  I thought that with retirement, I would enjoy release from the slavery of the creative muse — but instead, I find that I miss the satisfaction of having other people read something that I wrote.

What can I write about?

The list is endless…books, hobbies, wildlife, local walks and hikes, gardening, art, human nature, daily life.

When I am outside, I stop to check out anything unusual, whether it is a rock, a caterpillar, a salamander, or a frog. Most inanimate objects such as lost beads and marbles make their way into my pocket. My husband tells me that if I had been a cat, I would have used up my nine lives a long time ago because of my curiosity about life. Unfortunately, I still have not learned to give a wide berth to a skunk or porcupine!

I hope to convey through this blog my love of life. Hopefully, we will become companions in a path of discovery!

4 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Yay, so pleased to see you here in the blogosphere, Mary! And now that the comments are fixed, I can say that based on what you've said about yourself, I think you might enjoy the blog of my friend Cate Kerr, which is called Beyond the Fields We Know, and can be found at beyondthefieldsweknow.orgHope you have fun blogging!


  2. Are you sure you were never a kindergarten teacher?! You still have such a childlike curiosity to your writings and noticings…it is a pleasure to read. Also, it inspires me about what life might be like in that oh-so-distant time of "retirement!"


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