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One of the things that I have been asked more than a few times while I have wandered around the web are what blogs do I read or follow?  I usually have a blogroll on my sidebar, but I just recently decided to go with a page versus a widget and wanted to write a post of why I follow these blogs.

These are people that I follow and read regularly online.  There is no particular order to the blogs that are here except for Richard Byrne’s blog (which I keep at the top of any blogroll that I do).

We each began blogging around the same time and have developed a friendship over the time we have been blogging.  His blog focuses on technology for teachers, but most of the stuff he finds is applicable to many other fields as well.  The information he is provides is well worth having available in your feedreader and he has branched out into Speaking Engagements on technology – which he does an outstanding job with.

Free Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne

SpeEdChange – Ira Socol

Ira and I have had several conversations on Twitter or during webinars and while I don’t always agree 100% with his views (what else is new).  However, he will make you stop and think for a moment about what he has written.

BG Garden – Bren

I have been following Bren since I started looking at how to become more of a gardener and less of “Harold the Destroyer” this past summer.  She does a great job with #gardenchat on Twitter and is willing to offer advice or just talk. Great gardening resource.

Satisfying Retirement – Bob Lowry

Bob has a lot of common sense advice for those who are or will be retiring soon.  I find his posts very informative and have learned a lot about things we should have done before we decided to retire.

Shut Up and Run – Beth Risdon

When I started running again this summer, I found Beth’s blog, she is fun to read, a little edgy/potty minded and laughs at herself a lot, which make you laugh along with her.  She usually humously tells her stories about her running, with a little bit about family and friends mixed in.  By the way her left ass cheek hurts, behind one of her boob’s hurts (from falling down while trail running) and she is trying to change her running style – she needs lot of good thoughts.

The Art of Manliness – Bret & Kate McKay

Just a lot old fashioned information on being a man, but written for today’s world.  Good reads and good advice.

Zen Habits – Leo Babauta

The Power of Less is Leo’s strong point and the name of a book he wrote.  I used several of his recommendations/hints to simplify both my life at work and home – also bought the book – lots of common sense ideas.  From my perspective he is one of the leaders of realistic minimalism/simplicity movement and presents it in a manner that is attainable, not some pie-in-the sky ideal/model.

Blog Bloke

Shall we say opinionated, brutally honest, calls it like he sees it.  No I don’t agree with everything he says in his blog or on Twitter, but he does stop and make you think and isn’t above responding to you, a problem that some others seem to have.  Definitely calls out the “A” listers when they act like God’s gift to the Blogosphere or Twitterverse.

Running Shoes Guru –

Great reviews of running shoes of all kinds, when I started back to running, I started following this site, and have been very happy with the level of information that he provides about running shoes.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds –

The local seed producer in Central Maine (Not very far from Big G’s one of my favorite places to eat).  The have all sorts of variety of seeds available and their staff is more than helpful to beginners like me.

Frugally Retired in Texas  – Barb

Another retiree blog who provides interesting insights to being retired and on a fixed income.  She gives some ideas to make ends meet and tries to shoe that being retired is not just sitting on the sofa, eating bonbons and watching TV.

Ghostprepper –

He givs some really interesting outdoor information and ideas about preparedness that don’t get into the “weird” range, a lot of it is stuff that you can use to prepare for emergency situations or be more self-sufficient.

This is certainly a lot different than earlier lists of bloggers that I follow.  There is much more variety than in the past and better reflects the wide range of interests that most of do have.

As my interests change this page will change and will be updated.  If you decide to stop by and check out any of these blogs, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

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