Facebook Deleted – Permanently

Facebook is no longer part of my life – I deleted it just after 4:00 P.M. EST today.

Screenshot of my Facebook page 10/19/11

During the process of figuring out how to delete my Facebook account, I tried to “find” where the delete function was and couldn’t find it, finally I gave up and just Google Searched for it.  The search provided a direct link to the how to delete your account page, which linked me to this page.

Screenshot of Facebook delete account warning screen 10/19/11
Screenshot of Facebook deleted account screen 10/19/11

Why did I delete Facebook?

I have been thinking about doing this for a least a year and I actually deleted it one time in the past (back in 2009) only to bring it back for various reasons.  So after a lot of looking at how and how little I actually use Facebook, thinking about their/its apparent direction and reflecting on why I kept Facebook, I decided today that Facebook is not something I want to use anymore.

Facebook’s public stance and history on privacy issues are well documented, so I won’t go into the details here, others have done it ad nauseum, so I won’t belabor the point.  However, these issues and apparent attitude did play a major part of decision to leave it.

I was warned at the when I first started using the Internet many years ago, that there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet, but Facebook’s attitude towards garnering information about its users makes me very uncomfortable.

What will I miss?

The ability to keep up with old friends and family.  It is quick and easy to see how people are doing and almost everyone seems to have a Facebook account – I won’t.

Some of my former students, who “friended me”, I like most teachers wonder how “my” students turned out and how they are doing. Facebook allowed me to do this easily.

Some of the information that businesses shared with those of us who “liked” them.

Publishing my blog, so that other could read it from there – I don’t know how many people took advantage of that, but I will find out.

The reality is that

I never have liked Facebook’s user interface, the recent changes or the companies’ attitude towards our privacy and stayed simply because it was and unfortunately still is the best way to keep up with people that mattered to me at this time.  However, it just got to the point where I felt that I no longer wanted to give my personal data directly to Facebook, in return for their “free” service.

No I plan to us Twitter and Google+ as my primary social media connections.  If you would like to contact me using either service below are the links to my profile in each:

  • Twitter – hshawjr
    Google+ – Harold Shaw

Yes they both have and have had their issues, but I feel more comfortable giving them my data than I do Facebook as it stands today.

Will I miss Facebook – no.  Will Facebook miss me – NO.  I am too small and inconsequential to make much of a difference to them whether I stay or go.

I do know that I will miss the ease that I was able to keep up with my family and friends there, but I finally made up my mind on where I stand in regards to Facebook and today it was time for me to delete my Facebook account.

Will I ever return to Facebook?  I will never say never (I learned that a loooonnnnggggg time ago), but I plan for this to be a permanent action for my personal account. I will not go back to having a Facebook, unless it is related in some way to a job that I have and I am required to have a Facebook account as a part of that position. I don’t really see that happening, especially being semi-retired and not looking for a techie type or social media position, but you never know.

Hopefully more of my former Facebook “friends” will migrate over to Google+, which I have found to be a better alternative.