Whitten Hill Trail – A Long Walk in the Woods

Today we went for a walk on our favorite trail down in Montville, Maine – The Whitten Hill Trail, which is part of the Sheepscot Headwaters Trail Network (the website has a lot of great information – please check it out). It is about 3.5 mile loop around old farmland that has grown back to woods.

There are no really steep grades, but a couple of uphill sections dependent upon which way you take to go around the loop.  It takes us about 3 hours of just walking along, stopping to enjoy the scenery and stopping for 15-20 minutes down by the stream to eat and enjoy that area which is positively beautiful.

We have done this hike 4-5 times before and there is just something peaceful about the hike that we really enjoy.

A part of the trail that I do like a lot
The stream – One my favorite views
No the waterfall is not really all that large – the magic of zoom
One of my favorite shots of the day
Looking up stream
The Wife and Bennie Bean
The Wife wanted this photo and I really like it just a little stream with leaves and the sun reflecting- a little artsy fartsy
The Wife in front of a big tree
Me in front of the same tree, something was moving where Bennie was looking
About a 1/2 mile away from the tree there were about 12 turkeys in the field
When we first started walking this trail, this field was still being hayed, it hasn’t been for a few years now.
Big white birch
Same white birch, but the red leaves made for a pretty picture
The trail head kiosk
New parking lot, it was needed, because had to park on road before, other trailhead was tough to get to with the old road, unless I took my truck and used 4WD, I hate beating on the Subaru too much.

Afterwards we stopped at Lori’s Caffe back on Rt.3 in Liberty and had cheeseburgers/fries, which is not our usual healthy lunch, but after the walk, felt really hungry…the food was great and they had some homemade doughnuts, so of course we picked up one each to have after supper.  My cinnamon-sugar was the best one I have had in the area since I stopped going to Hillman’s last June.

Nope the day was a perfect day for a long walk in the woods and I am so glad that we decided to take a day away from the house.  With all the gardening and work around the house this year, those days seem to have been to far in between.  Hopefully, we will be able to get a few more in before the end of the year!

I wonder where we will go for our next walk in the woods, I would like to go someplace we haven’t been yet next time.  Any ideas on 3-5 mile walks within an hour of Augusta, Maine?  Suggestions would be appreciated 🙂