Week In Review – 10/16/11

This has been a rollercoaster week some really good things and some not so good stuff.

We lost one of our cats this week.  Tyler was one of our critters that had lived in our house longer than I have. Although he didn’t like me much for most of the time I have lived here, the past few weeks, he would come out and greet me each morning while I was putting my shoes on to take the dog on his walk. I guess he was making his peace with me.  Tyler will be missed.


This was also flu shot week, I never do well with shots and did my usual sweats and have to sit down for about 10 minutes after the shot.  I have a feeling that this is my last year for flu shots and other vaccinations unless they are required for traveling someplace.

I was supposed to go to the ACTEM ’11 open vendor session Thursday and see some people that I haven’t seen for a while, but due to Tyler’s passing I didn’t really feel like going – that kind of stuff doesn’t make me feel like being around other people. So I missed out on yet another Educational related activity, due to things that I have no control over.  First I missed Google’s Geo training in Lewiston that I really wanted to attend, then another special education related training, due to my father’s hospitalization.  It is almost like something happens when I have something related to education going on.

If this happens very many more times, I might start taking this as a sign that I am not supposed to go back to being involved in education.  I have a training scheduled for the 20th, lets see what happens this week.

I gave the new Blogger Dynamic Views a 5 day try and decided to go back to a more traditional theme until they make a few more improvements.  The Dynamics Views have a lot of potential, but just are not what I want to use yet.

The every couple of month audit of who I am following in Twitter happened today and I went from following almost 500 people to just over 200.  I find that 200 people is about the max that I can follow comfortably on Twitter and still have the conversations that I want.  It is not a reflection on those who I unfollowed, it is just a personal preference on my part.  I certainly am not stuck up.

I tried to clean-up my photo and get at least one copy of each image that I have electronically and while I got all of the images on my laptop, the more I used iPhoto ’11, the less I liked it.  No I will stay with Picassa and its quirks – at least I am beginning to understand them a little bit.  No iPhoto is not on my Mac anymore and I don’t have iWork on it now either, so the ability of those programs to work together don’t really matter to me.

We did get the garden buttoned-up for the winter, which is a big deal for us, it was more work than usual because we expanded it by 6-10 feet on two sides and added a lot of loom and moopoo that we haven’t done in the past.

What have I written this week?

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  • Scavenging is Part of Living Simply and Frugally
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  • Simplifying my Photo Collections
  • What Kind of Blogger Have I Become?
  • Dynamic Views – Not Ready Yet
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Below are my top 5 posts for the past week according to pageviews:

  1. Google’s Dynamic View – I Started Using It
  2. Evernote as a Task Manager
  3. Opus Domini – Electronic Organizer Review
  5. Mobile Me Review

Nothing from this week broke the top 5 – oh well maybe next week.  It was one of those rollercoaster weeks that we all have, but it is now over with and it is time to look forward to next week.  Hopefully, it will be a great week