Fall Gardening – Something New to Us

This is our first year growing anything in the Fall and so far it is going better than we both expected.

Today was the first day that we got to eat something from our cold frame or what I call the wife’s mini-greenhouse that I built back on September 4th. The lettuce is doing great, but the spinach hasn’t done much of anything, so how did our “Fall lettuce” taste?

A hell of a lot better than the stuff we have been buying at the store the past couple of weeks. There is such a difference from what we get from our garden/cold frame.  Even the stuff I forage from the lawn like dandelion greens and plantains, that I have used to augment my salads all summer long taste a damn site better than the store stuff – even though they do have a much stronger taste than they did during the summer.


I have gotten spoiled by having fresh salad stuff available and I don’t enjoy a store salad nearly as much as I used to – not that I was all that crazy about it in the first place.  I know that I will miss my almost daily fresh garden salad, but the cold frame has significantly extended our growing season.

Speaking of how things are growing here is a picture of the garlic bed that we created back on September 6th and how well they are starting to grow in just over a month.

Today was also time to mow over and make mulch out of the oregano in front of the house and the peppermint patch down by the snowball bush, we do this every year and they come back thicker every year.

I hope that this was the last mowing of the year, but before you know it I will be shovelling snow, so I guess I should enjoy mowing the lawn while I can.

I do know that this will not be the last year that we do some fall gardening.

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