What Kind of Blogger Have I Become?

Everyone has a niche that they primarily blog to – right? That is the advice that the experts say will increase your readership and force you to focus on primarily one area when you are writing.

So what niche do I fall into and what kind of blogger have I become?

What is my Niche?

Well let’s see for a long time I considered myself primarily a Special Education/Educational Technology blogger and I enjoyed that, but since I have left teaching, that definitely is not my niche for “One Foot In Reality” anymore.   Even though I have mostly considered this my primary niche, I have always struggled with what niche or focus my blogs should have.

Let’s see the other areas that I write a lot about lately are gardening, technology, hiking/walking, running, but I am not “expert” or active enough in any of those communities to make them my blog’s niche.

The blogging about blogging community is very well established and is a tough place to wander around in at times – it almost seems as though sometimes they eat their young bloggers – though some are really helpful – others well just let that one go. Simplicity/Minimalism blogs are likewise pretty full of people who believe they are “right” a bit too often – I guess idealism and realism can conflict from time to time.

Living Simply is the one that sort of encompasses all of the niches that I enjoy reading about and probably is closest to the niche that I write for, but even that is not my real niche.

Wikipedia says the following about blogging:

“A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1] is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.”

“The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.”

I Believe that I now Know

It is has taken a long time for me to figure out what kind of blogger that I have become (and more than likely always was) and the more I think about it my blogs have always been a kind of online journal/diary focus to them. The blog posts I have mostly written about are where I reflect about events that have happened around or to me, my thoughts about different products, work, software or events and things that I am doing with my computer, garden, exercise, etc., basically things that are going on in my life and how I feel about them.

So as I approach my 4th anniversary of blogging on October 21st, I have finally figured out what my blogging niche actually is – ME.

Yes my blog is about my small, insignificant life and things going on around me that affect it.

Is this extreme hubris on my part? Am I so important in the overall scheme of things that my point of view matters or that too many people actually give a rat’s ass about what I think?

I have the simple answer to those questions – No.

However, after having reading many different blog posts over the last four years from non-corporate/company blogs, they almost all have one thing in common – they are mostly about the person writing the blog post and them giving you a piece of their life, whether it be an opinion, how they do something, an idea, a reflection on something that happened, etc. Most of the time a blog post has something in it about the person writing it.

The reality is

in my mind at least – most blogs continue to be an online journal of our lives and things that we write about in our blogs is usually something about us in some shape or form.  I know that I learn a lot about myself when I go back and read old blog posts that I have written.

Honestly look back at your blog, how often do you use the word “I”, reflect on something you experienced or even wrote about “how to” do something in your blog writing. Think about the niche you actually write for or about – what do you write mostly about – is it about you and thoughts about…?

So I do not think that I am unique in my saying my blogging niche is me, I am just now admitting it to myself and accepting that this is what I blog about – me.  Does this mean that I will get a big head  and become an obnoxious blogger – nope.

I plan to just keep writing the same way I always have, talking about my different interests of the moment (gardening, technology, getting healthy, etc.) but now, I am not going to worry about my which niche or focus that all the “expert” bloggers out there say I need to be a successful blogger – I already have a niche.

What is your niche?

Please take the time respond in the comments, I am interested in your thoughts on this post.  Am I a complete blithering idiot or did I make some sense?

4 thoughts on “What Kind of Blogger Have I Become?

  1. Your personality comes out in anything you do. There are 2 sped teachers at my school, but they both do things differently. I initially came to your blog because of the gardening, I believe.The important thing is…are you blogging about topics people are interested in….I don't really care about the kind of bread you are eating. ;-)Peace,Toddhttp://www.prepperwebsite.com


  2. Hi Todd – and thank you for taking the time to respond. I believe that all of who blog want to provide those who take the time to read our blog with either some information that they can use in their life or entertain them in some way or more hopefully – both. If I get down to the kind of bread I am eating as the exciting part of my day that I want to share with the world, then either I have had a difficult time finding something to write about or maybe I am sharing a new recipe for Bread and telling everyone about how good it tastes. Maybe even the process we went through for replacing a worn out breadmaker and how that first piece of whole wheat bread from it tastes.No I hope that I can make the topics that I am blogging about interesting enough for someone to read and enjoy. If I get to the point where I am boring or repetitive please call me out on it. We all get in a rut sometimes and need a jolt to move on.Hopefully, now that I am no longer a teacher and restricted by that profession's expectations of its employees, more of my own personality will come out – for better or worse :-).Thanks againHarold


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