Simplifying my Photo Collections

I have procrastinated this day for a long time, but this week, I have finally been merging all of my electronic image and photo collections in one place, so that I can create one good set of photos to back-up and give to others in the family.  That also meant that while I have over 35,000 images, many of them are duplicates
I reluctantly decided to use iPhoto ’11 as my primary photo collection software.  Needless to say I have not been impressed all that much with iPhoto ’11 (my system slows down and acts squirrely with iPhoto’11 running, especially if I leave it running for a long time – I have to force quit it every time), so I prefer to use Picassa when I can, which also connects easily to Blogger and here on Google+. Actually, I had uninstalled iPhoto completely from my system and only used Picassa until I started this project.
But iPhoto has programs that will automatically delete the duplicate images, while Picassa you have to go through them manually, which is a pain in the butt and I am not going to be tied to the computer for many, many hours doing the delete image routine. It took me far too long to delete the ones that I did manually on Thursday.
I deleted almost 10,000 images to cut the time down for the Duplicate Annihilator (it was originally looking at days to do everything), it predicted 14 + hours to do what was left, in iPhoto since yesterday afternoon.  According to the timer it should be done around 2:00 this afternoon.  It just takes a long time to run that many images through it.
Strangely enough, since this morning Chrome, Safari, TweetDeck all will not load and since the Annihilator is running, I don’t want to start it over to trouble shoot the cause until later.  Surprisingly, the Opera Browser is working like a charm, but unfortunately is not supported by most of Google’s services and gives you a warning and advises you to use Chrome (which is my default browser).
I have always like Opera, but since it is not supported by some sites or Google, it is a difficult decision to use or not use.  But whenever, something is going on with the other browsers Opera always seems to work.  It is too bad that more people/sites/companies don’t support Opera it is a very good browser, but too many companies want you to use their browser, not an independent one in today’s internet.
I knew that simplifying my photo/image collections would be a time consuming ordeal, but I hadn’t realized that it would take this long.  I just wish that iPhoto ’11 (if it is the problem) worked better for me, but everytime I leave it open for long, other programs have issues or my computer bogs down to unacceptable levels.
Does anyone else have these problems with iPhoto ’11? Or is it just me – and yes I have re-downloaded and installed it several times, including most recently on Thursday, so it is the newest copy available.