Dynamic Views – Not Ready Yet

Yes I really did try.

Yes I do like a lot about the new Dynamic Views, see my Google’s Dynamic View – I Started Using It post but after using it for the past 5 days, I found out they are too limiting or limited for me right now.

I like the functionality of the sidebar and the information that it provides to my blog’s readers.  Dynamic Views doesn’t have that capability – yet.

The letter color in your header cannot be changed which means that with some backgrounds that I wanted to use, the reader could not read the header – minor but important.

The more I used the Dynamic Views, the more I missed not having my sidebar and it was really bugging me today, so I decided to switch back to my previous theme, that I had done so much work on over the previous week.

When Blogger gets the Dynamic View theme updated so it can include a Sidebar and we can personalize the theme – I will be back to give these themes another try.  I just feel that when I put a theme on my blog, I need to have it be “my” theme and reflect what I want my blog to look like to my readers and visitors and I can’t do that yet with the Dynamic Views.

The Dynamic Views are a great idea, but they needs to be more polished a before I would use it as my blog’s theme for any length of time.

So it is back to attempting to getting my old/new theme – “just right” and mucking around in the code a little more.

Have you tried the Dynamic Views themes yet?  What did you think?