Time to Put the Garden to Bed

There that is done, the last crop has been harvested from the garden this morning, that meant that in order to beat the rain forecasted for the rest of the week, that we had to button up the garden this afternoon.

The wife and I busted our butts to get it and by golly gee at 4:45 P.M. we finished putting the last brick on the covers and putting all the tools we had used through the course of the afternoon.

Putting our garden to bed, means that all the rocks that have surfaced need to be picked out, the new part needs some extra picking over, rototilling everything, then surface raking to ensure that the low spots were leveled out, lime put on, moopoo spread, composted shells spread, place new raised beds and everything covered.

How the garden looked when started
Our shell compost we got from Agway
What is left of the moopoo from our neighbor
Loom from a different neighbor for the raised beds and low spots, now have to get more for the low spots.
The rock’s we have picked from the garden over the last few weeks
Our little Troy Bilt rototiller, it really isn’t made for this level of work, but did the work admirably, even though we had to stop a couple of times to clean out the mud that got stuck in the tines.

The garden after rototilling

The garden after raking, almost level or close enough for our needs

Me hamming it up and showing that I was actually in the garden 
The wife spreading the moopoo, I did the loading and hauling, she was in charge of  spreading the moopoo and compost
Where I was told to put the new raised beds – this was the wettest part of the garden
Spreading out the covering
All covered, notice the green patch in the center – RBFR alert 🙂
Another view of the covered up garden and the rock that dominates this end

We got it done!!!!

The reality is that when we walked Bennie later it had started to sprinkle, so we made the right choice to button up the garden today.  If we had waited, we would be waiting until the end of next week or later, because we needed it to be fairly dry to do this work.

I am going to have to get more moopoo from the neighbor, so we have it available when we want to use it and also to let it “season” over the winter.  I also want to get more loom from the neighbor before that offer goes away, we have several low spots that need dirt.

It feels great to not have to worry about the garden anymore this year, the expansion is complete and all the work is done until spring.  We still have the cold frame growing salad stuff, but the spring garden and main garden are buttoned-up.  Now we just have to finish up the food processing and then we/I can focus on learning more about gardening and foraging to be ready for next year.

This how we put our garden to bed for the winter, how do you button your’s up?  Do you do anything differently or have some ideas that we can use next year?

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