Time to Harvest the Carrots

The weather forecast for Thursday and Friday is rain, which means an already soggy garden would be back underwater – yet again.  The darn garden was still muddy from all the rain we have gotten recently, you couldn’t walk around on it without it gumming up your boots/shoes.

Fortunately, the only thing left in the garden was the carrots, which is one of our favorite vegetables, but we were beginning to worry about them.  Usually, we leave them in until it gets colder like later in October, even into mid-November, they seem to taste sweeter when we do that.

However this year with all the rain, which means the garden has been underwater too often, we were afraid if we left the carrots in much longer they might start rotting and not have a good crop.  We have been having fresh carrots for supper a few times a week lately and some that we pulled up last week were starting to show signs of rot.

So bright and early this morning I was out digging up the carrots, it isn’t hard work, just tedious. The wife cut the tops off, while I was doing the digging, we work as a great team.

The carrot patch before starting the harvesting, there are several gaps where critters got them (damn slugs) or for some reason they just didn’t grow
The carrot tops in the wheelbarrow to go to our garden crop compost site
Carrots out drying, we found that they last longer if we leave the dirt on them and don’t try to clean for storage.
The empty garden, this means more work!

The carrot crop was not our best year ever, but we still got 398 carrots of which around 100 were large ones.  We only lost about 4 that had rotted and couple more to the critters of what we harvested, so that was pretty reasonable.

Our recent wet weather really didn’t help us as far as this yield was concerned, but with any crop some years are better than others, so we will take what we got and smile about it.  We will store them in the garage until we get around to canning most of them.

I do believe that there will be fresh carrots cooked this week and maybe I can persuade the wife into making a carrot soup.

The reality is that I really am enjoying this simple life and learning how to garden (instead of passively being told what to do and just doing it – I am now asking why and how questions, which hasn’t bothered the wife – YET).

Also I can’t believe how much better I feel now compared to how I used to be all the time – tired, cranky and on screech until I fell asleep in my chair.  I think I am a lot easier to be around and definitely more relaxed about everything.

The carrots are now harvested.

Next up putting the garden to bed, now that was a lot of work!