Google’s Dynamic View – I Started Using It

Well there, I trashed all the work that I have done since last Wednesday on updating my theme and started using Google’s new Dynamic Views for my blog’s theme.


  • I am tired of playing around with the code and wanted to write more posts.
  • I ran some tests and independent evaluations of my blog today and several things were pretty low, basically because I do not know enough about coding to fix them, especially slow load speeds.
  • I figured out how to get away from the gray theme, which I really do not like, you just need to change the backgrounds option.  However, it is very picky on the size of your photo files that you upload, I still haven’t gotten one right yet :-).  However, I have always liked this background and it fits well.  I just wish the Post Title was white – oh well that’s coming soon.

Google’s Dynamic View on One Foot In Reality
Yes – I will miss my sidebar, the widgets like PostRank, Feedjit and some other customizations that I am used to having on a blog, but I think I have a way around some of that – I have to do some experimenting to see what I can and can’t do.  Update it didn’t work I will have to wait for Google to get out the updates – darn-it.
Initially, I wasn’t that keen on this new way of looking at your blog and the stuff that was missing and discussed my initial thoughts about it here:
Blogger’s Dynamic Views Themes – My Thoughts
According to Blogger Buzz – Google has been listening to the feedback they received and they are going to make a lot of improvements.

The other big pieces of feedback we’ve heard have been around gadget support and customization. The good news is…both are on the way! Since Dynamic Views uses HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, our existing library of gadgets is being rewritten to function in this new environment. We’ll be introducing the first set of gadgets very soon, so stay tuned!

With respect to customization, we realize that many bloggers have invested lots of time and effort to personalize their blog with custom background, fonts, etc. We plan to enable similar customization of Dynamic View templates via the Template Designer in the very near future.

No I don’t usually like being an early adopter, because there are so many updates and changes that you have to live through, but the more I learn about Google’s new Dynamic Views Theme and read Blogger Buzz’s lates entries on it:
Dynamic Views: Update #1
Dynamic Views: seven new ways to share your blog with the world
Dynamic Views does look like the way of the future for many of us on Blogger and I like how it also gives readers more choices in how they view your blog. So the change has been made and now I am going to test and evaluate One Foot In Reality to compare it to my results from this afternoon.
Go ahead and check out the different views of how the landing pages looks and how it looks when it transitions to blog posts.
The dynamic views are actually really good, but take some getting used, but the Magazine view is my favorite right now.  Which one do you like best?
Now if I can just be patient about waiting for the updates that Google says are coming and figure out how to make a default choice for the view that I want to first come up when people first land on One Foot In Reality, I will be very happy.