Walking Round Top Trail in Belgrade, Maine

I needed to get away from the computer this morning the updating the label system in Blogger is just so monotonous and frustrating that you have to do so much manually.  But I will get it done before Sunday is over.

So what did we do – well of course we went for a walk in the woods.  I call it a hike when I wear a backpack and a walk when I just have on my fanny pack or just what is in my pockets.  The wife, Bennie and I went over to Round Top in Belgrade.  A great little walk in the woods and it isn’t too far from the house.  We stayed on the bottom and didn’t go up to Round Top, some days discretion is the better part of valor.

One thing that I wish people would do is keep their dogs on leashes or automatically leash them when they see others.  We do with Bennie and then he gets all excited when another dog comes around and makes a nuisance of himself, then gets the other dog(s) excited, it is a lot easier when they have their dog on a leash too.  It might be a friendly dog around your family, but dogs are also very protective of its “pack” members and can be unpredictable around strange people or other dogs.  Please keep your dog leashed when you see other people.

There got that mini-rant over with.  The trail itself was gorgeous as usual and was a great walk.  Here are the pictures.

Today was a very enjoyable walk in the woods, even though it was a pain sometimes 😉 – encouraging others to leash their animals.  I also couldn’t believe that one of the young ladies that was walking the trail was doing it in leather flip flops!  I have a feeling she wasn’t ready for this sort of walk in the woods and will have some very sore feet in the morning.
I do like the Round Top trail, even if it isn’t the easiest one around here, a semi-challenging walk in the woods is good for the soul.