Complaining About Blogger’s Label System

The biggest thing that I dislike about Blogger is how archaic their post labelling is.

The purpose of labels is to help people find your post much like categories/tags in WordPress or #hashtags in Twitter, but the way that Blogger does it, is that you can have up to 2,000 different labels, which really makes it difficult to find anything on your site using labels. I have well over a 1,000 labels and whenever I accidentally use or have in place the Labels widget on a theme, it is ridiculously long and I would never use it on a live blog. Even a label cloud is difficult to use with so many possibilities.

It would be nice if Blogger provided a main label and then a sub-label, it would help setting up a table of contents page or even being able to use the label widget to help readers find what they are looking for on your blog and no the search bar is not enough or what many readers use.

Also the cumbersome way of managing the labels is a pain in the ass to change or delete labels. Going to your Edit Post in the Old Layout, then selecting the post you want to affect, finding the label in your list (hopefully you don’t have over a 1,000 choices – it makes for a super long list) and then select it to reflect a new label and hit return. As you can see the Add New Label is at the bottom of the list, so every time when you are attempting to manage your labels and you want to quickly add a new label you have to go to the bottom of your list or publish a nothing post.

Then if you want to delete a Label, you have to go to Edit post, select “All”, then go into the list below the Add list you find the word Remove (look carefully it is easy to miss, there is no separator) after you pass this you can select which label to remove.  There is no bulk add (except by a new dummy post) or bulk delete, you have to go through this process each time you want to delete a label.

I am doing this now and it is a royal pain in the patooty.  I want to be able properly utilize a Table of Contents page that I found over at My Blogger Tricks that I really like and will save me a lot of time and make it so that people will find things more easily.  However with over a l,000 labels, it is too cumbersome right now to be of much use to anyone.  I have gone to using # to indicate my main label and nothing is a sub-label.  Still cumbersome but better than nothing.

The reality is that this is one area where WordPress has Blogger beat hands-down and it is unnecessarily so, because Blogger could develop a better way to manage their label system, so it was more user friendly and had a way to use sub-labels.

I am still plugging away at improving my blog’s theme, but just wish that fixing the labels issue was not so time intensive, it is something that I have started a couple of times before and got so frustrated with the way you have to make changes that I gave up.

We all start out with one way of organizing our posts by labels and then as we mature as bloggers (usually none), then we want to change how we have organized them to make it easier for our readers to find what we have previously written. Unfortunately, right now there is no easy way to accomplish this without going through each label individually and manually changing things in Blogger.

This is one thing I would love to see Blogger fix to make it less labor intensive to work on my blog.

Oh by the way can you tell I am a little frustrated.