The Wife’s Jelly Strainer

Over the course of the last 10 years, one of the tools that has seen a whole lot of use is my wife’s Jelly Strainer, we use it to strain produce to make jellies, cordials, a little bit of wine or anything that there needs bulk straining.

At first she was using cheesecloth or other alternatives, but these were unnecessarily messy and they just never worked easily, I can remember more than a couple of choice words being floated around when I helped strain things back then.  When we (she) found the jelly strainer, it worked great and we have used it for over 10 years through a lot of the jellies, cordials and all the other wonderful things that my wife makes and I help get rid of.

Making Rhubarb Cordial June 2011

Unfortunately, like anything else, nothing lasts forever (even when you take great care of something),
so finally the stand just wore out, yes we have gone through several replacement bags, but the stand is no longer trustworthy.  Oh I might have been able to cut and re-thread the bolt poles and re-tap the holder, but it had just seen better days and when you are doing this kind of straining, you want to make sure that what you are using is sturdy and won’t tip over into your product.

We got rid of our old one a few days ago and today we were at Campbell’s True Value/Agway over in Farmingdale, Maine to get a steel lawn rake that was on sale for $6.99 (a fantastic buy), the wife went by the canning section and saw another jelly strainer. It was only about $10.00 and we picked it up.  We really thought we would be looking for a while to find a new one, but we got the last one they had and I consider us very lucky to have found it so easily.

The newer version is a lot beefier and also designed so that it doesn’t rip the bags as easily, which was a problem with the first one we had.  The wife hasn’t used it yet, but there are more grapes in the arbor, so I imagine that it will get used fairly soon.

The reality is that without this simple little device there would have been a lot more “blue” air in our house and a LOT more mess and fuss, while straining things to make all the great stuff, that I take for granted being their when I want it on my toast or have something other than water at supper.

If you make a lot of jelly or other products that need straining, having a jelly strainer makes the job a lot easier and much less messy, than using cheesecloth or some other alternative.

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  1. Oh! That is what a jelly strainer looks like! I have noticed a few recipes call for it and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Good to know!Also-I love randomly finding canning equipment in unexpected places. Equipment can be difficult to acquire in my neighborhood so it is always exciting when we do find it.


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