A Hurry-Up and Wait Day

Yesterday was one of those hurry-up and wait days and those can be dangerous.  I had talked with Dad the night before and he had been told he would be discharged from the hospital around 10:00 A.M.  So I got into the Forester and started driving away at 8:00, of course it is raining yet again and the damn check engine light came on and was flashing.

About a mile down the road, the Forester begins really running like crap.  On Saturday night I had unhooked the battery overnight while figuring out why the parking lights were on and wouldn’t turn off.  When I figured out there was an on/off switch on top of the steering wheel post that I turned on while cleaning or should I say swamping out the vehicle (teach me to clean the car).  So I figured it had something to do with the electronic brain, but I didn’t have time to mess with it right then.

If I wasn’t at the hospital to pick up father by 10:00 and they were letting him go at that time, he wouldn’t be shall we say happy.  So I drove it back to the house and swapped it out with our bright yellow Subaru Baja (which we are selling – anyone need/want a 2003 Subaru Baja in Maine).  So I made it to the hospital around 9:45. That was the hurry-up part of my day.

Father was sitting up – “waiting”, the doctor hadn’t come by to see him yet and he wasn’t in a great mood and more than a little cranky. We sat around “waiting” for the doctor until noon when a different one finally shows up and tells him, he can go home. After a few miscommunications, some talking to the nurse (mostly nicely) we left the hospital at 3:33 P.M. and got back to his house around 4:15.

So the old man is back home and damn happy to be out of that hospital.  They did a great job of getting him back from being dead for several minutes, to the point where he left them without oxygen and walked to the car. I do know that it is great to have him home. That was the wait part of my day.

However, while we were in hurry-up and wait mode, I had time to look at my blog theme, which was alright, but not quite what I want and went exploring around different sites to see if there were any that I liked better than my current one.  I downloaded 3-4 that really stood out and last night worked on trying to see which one would be best to use, but the one that my wife and I really liked just wouldn’t render correctly after working on it for a while, I gave up.  Of the remaining one I like this one the best.

I am going to go with this theme for a week or so to see how if feels after actually using it for a while

I like the use of the greens/black and the white, but the spacing on the sidebar is not quite right and there is no footer to use.  It is not as clean or modern as some of the newer themes that are available, but it has just enough of the fantasy look to it that I like it.  That was the dangerous part of my day.

It seems when I have too much time on my hands, that my blog theme, gets changed or updated.  Oh well it could be worse I guess, but I sure as hell don’t have a blog brand yet and I have only been blogging for 4 years now.   Time to settle down I guess and figure that part out.

While I was in Bangor, the wife was really busy canning 6 more jars of applesauce and 9 jars of grape jelly.  If anyone in the area is interested in some Concord grapes, I have a feeling that we will have some extra.

The wife is just about food processing out and really doesn’t feel like doing a whole lot more, except for the carrots.  She has used the strainer so much that it has worn out the supports (now to find another one of those) and has to be replaced and is running out of canning jars – we (she) has put up more produce this year than any other year that we have been together.

Can’t say that I blame her for being tired of it, now that Dad is home, hopefully I will be around to help out a lot, so we shall see what happens. It would be a shame to waste anything if we don’t have to.

The reality is that I have three different things in the same post and yes this could have been three posts, but this is what happens when you are on hurry-up and wait mode, but too tired to write it out the night before.