Tomatoes Are Almost Done – Finally

Tomato season is just about over.

The wife is saying THANK GOODNESS or a variety of more interesting words. This has been our best tomato season ever!  She has put up more tomato sauce than any other time that she can remember and definitely more than she ever has in the almost 11 years we have been together.  She is also getting tired of them.

Only three more clementine boxes of tomatoes left to ripen and they will be done.
Over half were already done when I took this picture
She’s moving so fast her hands are a blurr. 🙂
No the wife got tired of putting up the sauce in a plastic bag (they stick together and always are difficult to fill) and bought some BPA free plastic containers this morning and is trying them out to see how they work in the freezer. So far she likes them a lot better than the plastic bags, even though they do take up a little more room in the freezer, they don’t come bouncing out as easily on top of your foot when you open the door sometimes.
I know that I enjoy eating the product that the wife puts together and something that I have noticed (yes I do notice things even though I am a guy sometimes) that her sauces don’t leave that tomato stain in plastic dishes that the commercial tomato products do.  I have always wondered about that, because later in the year when we have to buy commercial products (we ran out of hers), that was always something I noticed when I finished eating at work.
There certainly wasn’t any doubt about what she made and what we bought – there was a difference even I could tell apart – taste and what was left behind.
This year we hopefully with our bountiful harvest we will not have to buy any commercial product and I won’t have to worry about staining our plastic storage containers – not that I do very much anyway :-P.
It looks like next up will be the grapes, maybe I can figure out how to make Grape Seed Extract – it is supposed to be good for you, anyone have any ideas?