Giving the Grapevine a Haircut

Even though today has been up and down weather-wise it cleared (at least stopped raining) long enough so that I could go out and give our grapevine the start of its annual haircut.  No I really don’t know what I am doing, but I have gone out each year and “pruned” back the grapevine (hacked it back actually) and it keeps coming back stronger the next year.

This year looks like a bumper crop for grapes, I already have one pailful and have 2-3 more left to pick off the grapevine or is it a grape tree :-).

This is what it looked like on September 28th

The grapevine in this picture kind of reminds me of a leafy “Cousin It” from the Addams Family.
You can’t see the trellis and just barely the old stump that we cut high, just for this purpose to hold the trellis up.  Below is the first cutting back that I did today, mainly to be able to get at the grapes and let them have a little more sun.

Over the course of the week, I plan to let the grapes ripen some more and probably Thursday or Friday finish picking them.  After that I can put on my Harold the Destroyer outfit and really finish up the hacking ummm pruning that is going to happen.

Here is the bucket full of grapes, that we have to process, maybe they will become some jelly or juice, and maybe some wine later in the week?  Just have to see what the wife feels like making.  She is the processor, I just do what I am told on this end.

Don’t make too much fun of me – well you can if you want to, I have big shoulders for a short little weeble as someone called me one upon a time.  Some day I am actually going to have to read how to prune a grapevine back, instead of just hacking at it.

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