Why A Truck?

Over the past few years and especially the past few months, I have really focused on becoming more aware of what my impact is on the environment and how to reduce that impact when I can.

In other words I am making an conscious effort to become more “Green” and self-reliant.

That being said one thing I am learning as I go down this path towards a simpler life and lifestyle is that having a pick-up truck is becoming a necessity – not something that is nice to have or have because it is cool to own.

I just love it (dripping sarcasm here) when I show up somewhere or at an event driving my truck and get “the look” from those who have their Prius, Hondas, or other so-called “green” vehicles.  You know the look I am talking about. The one that says what are you doing here with that “thing”.

Yes having an economical little car is sometimes more “green”, than having a truck that gets around 16-18 MPG. HOWEVER, changing over to that economical little car is going to cost you between $13,000 and $25,000 plus the insurance/registration costs – to me that is a lot of money and it wouldn’t do most of the things that we can now do with our truck.

The big problem for me and many others there are so many things that we do with our trucks that I wouldn’t subject my Subaru Forester or any other car to.

We use our truck to get compost, manure, lumber, trash, furniture, wood, snowblower for servicing, lawn equipment when it breaks down or when we find free “stuff” that is suddenly available, hauling 25 bags of concrete in one trip versus making 3-5 trips with a car or SUV.

It would cost us more money, to have these things picked-up or delivered, we would miss out on “free stuff” that people want to get rid of and a myriad of other little things that you don’t think about/take for granted until you don’t have a truck to do it. Those are just a few examples.

Also in the winter time, I have never had another vehicle that is as good in snow or crappy roads as my 4WD Dakota.  I don’t plan on going out much this winter season, but if for some reason I have to, it is good to know that I have a vehicle that can safely get me there and back.

The reality is to many of us owning a truck is more than just a means of transportation or status symbol, it is a tool that we use almost daily to get stuff done and I like getting stuff done.

So when those of you who believe you are more “green” than I am and look down your nose at me for driving an old truck that doesn’t get the gas mileage/or reduced exhaust of your new (you put in the name), stop and think about all the other stuff that I use my truck for that would ruin your shiny new car.

I will leave you with this last thought – when was the last time that you asked to borrow someone’s truck, because your car couldn’t do something?  I would like to have a dollar for every time I have been asked by someone to borrow one of my trucks – I could go on a pretty good shopping spree at L.L.Beans or Cabelas – gee or am I stereotyping myself.   😛