Need Help With a Resolving a Disagreement

Last week the wife and I went for a walk on the Rail Trail in Augusta (Maine) after picking up the truck from getting the brakes fixed.  We have walked the trail several times since it opened a few years ago.  However, on that day we had a disagreement about something we saw on the trail and I need your help in settling our disagreement.

Below is a retaining wall has been repaired at some time or another.  It is beside the railroad tracks and was probably put here and repaired by the railroad, because at the top of the hill is a big cemetery.

You can see a definite difference in building styles between the repair job and the original work.  The wife and my disagreement is over which is the original work and which is the repair work.  I won’t say which I think is the original work and which I think is the repair work, but we each have strong opinions to support what we believe.


If you could comment on which you think is the original work and which is the repair job in the comments with your rationale to help us resolve this disagreement, we would appreciate it.
Looking across the Kennebec River
Below is an aquaduct that goes underneath the railroad bed.
Bennie going after a leaf – notice the double harness system, we use this to keep the Great Houdini closer to us
Another view of the Kennebec River, showing the current.
Our favorite section of the Rail Trail just outside of Hallowell, I liked it a lot better before they paved it, but the rest of the trail is paved, so I guess they had to pave this section also.

Walking on the Rail Trail is an easy walk and you can go from Augusta to Gardiner, Maine.  During the weekday not too many people are on it and it is nice, but after 4:00 or on the weekends there are too many people using it for my taste.  At least it is getting used and it is good to see so many people out exercising.

If you could help us resolve this disagreement, we would appreciate it.  I believe that I know which is the original work and which was the repair work, but the wife just disagrees.  Thanks  Harold

2 thoughts on “Need Help With a Resolving a Disagreement

  1. Look at the headstones in the cemetery to ascertain how old it is. If before 1900, then the unevenly stacked wall is the original. If the cemetery is recent then the evenly arranged stones are original and the uneven were the repair sloppily done.


  2. Hard to tell from one picture, and the previous comment sounds reasonable. But given that it appears that the bulk of the wall is made up of mostly uniformly large, relatively large stones, I would venture that the smaller, uneven stones were put in place as a repair effort after erosion damage or some such.


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