Looking Back At September 2011

Today is September 30th, my first real month of being on sabbatical or being semi-retired, whatever you want to call it, I don’t count the summer, because I would have been on summer break until the end of August.

Due to Dad’s heart attack the last couple of weeks have been one hell of a roller-coaster ride, but it looks as though he has stabilized and should be coming home from the hospital sometime next week – at least that is the plan right now.  I know that the 1 1/2 hour rides up to Bangor one-way are tough, but it is part of what we do when a loved one is in the hospital, even if he is a Yankee fan. We will see on that front.

The rest of September has been really great!

Blogging:  I have returned to my “One Foot In Reality” blog on Blogger.  I just feel very comfortable here and once I found out what I had done wrong (damn little check box), and once I figured that out, things got back to normal here.  I really don’t know what it is about WordPress.com that I don’t like, but I just never stay there no matter how hard I try and I always seem to end up back at Blogger, see my Admitting My Mistakes post.  Maybe I should just stay here and see if I can grow “One Foot In Reality” into something more than it has been.  We shall see.

Gardening:  Yeah I know another old fart that is starting to garden, but for someone known as “Harold the Destroyer” around the house, I am enjoying helping out in the garden and I didn’t even ruin too much in there this summer.  There are somethings I am good at and I am actually learning to identify some of the plants beyond a carrot, peas or beans. 🙂  We are even expanding the garden to produce more next year, so we will see how that goes, but all that is left is putting moopoo and compost on it then button it up for the winter – gardening can be a great workout. Also I have noticed a definite shift in my eating patterns – they are far healthier than they ever have been in my life!!!!!

Also I have been regularly participating in #gardenchat on Twitter and involving myself in that community a little more.  It sure is a lot different than talking about education all the time, not nearly as negative and often a lot more productive.

Health:  This is the biggest difference I feel better (I probably will never look better – bad attempt at humor – I am just Joe Average :). The most noticeable thing is that I have lost almost 20 pounds since June 17th. More importantly though I am sleeping at night and the extra couple hours of sleep most nights have meant that I wake up refreshed, instead of groggy (waking up at 7:00 instead of 5:00 does that to you).  I am wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in over 4 years (it seems as though as my stress levels went up, so did my weight at my last 2 jobs).  Speaking of stress those levels are really low, (except about Dad) and is a major change from the last few years of constantly eating adrenaline burgers all day long and then trying to get all the work done for work and around the house.  It is nice just focusing on work around the house. Not too many people calling me an Asshole here – at least I don’t think so ;-).

I have also started running a couple of miles every other day and usually walk at least 2-3 with Bennie.  So the exercising has increased dramatically and I am happy with the results – hell I can even put my hands in my pants pockets again comfortably – before they were just to damn tight to do that.

Those were some of the highlights for September and below are the top 10 posts for the last month.

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This semi-retirement/sabbatical thing is really agreeing with me and you know something the biggest change is that I am laughing and smiling more – which is a good thing.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog and being patient with my butterfly tendencies.  I plan to stay right where I am here on “One Foot In Reality” for quite a while.  You may see some design changes as I change things around a little with the seasons, but I here I am, unless something unexpected happens or the Terms of Service at Blogger suddenly change to something, that I disagree with.