Blogger’s Dynamic Views Themes – My Thoughts

This afternoon Blogger Buzz announced a new template series for Blogger Blogs in their:

Dynamic Views: seven new ways to share your blog with the world

post.  As people who know me, I like to try out new themes and Blogger’s Template Designer allowed me to preview what their new templates look like on “One Foot In Reality” without having to make them live. I went through each of the new “themes” to see if there were any that I like and here are the results:


The first thing that I noticed was the new Google Color scheme as the default on all 7 of these themes.  As I stated in my Google’s New Themes are Boring post I am not enamored with the new gray/black theme branding they are using for their products.  That is just my personal preference.

There were a couple of styles that I did like, but the Gray/Black color scheme is not what I want on my blog.  When I attempted to go into the Advanced editor to change the colors/fonts this is what I got:

I was not given any options to change, other than edit CSS, which I am not going to play with.  So if you use these new theme options you are stuck with their color template and design without a whole lot of personalization options available to you.

The other issue that I noticed quickly was that there is no sidebar options?  This is okay for a lot of bloggers, but I like many of the widgets I have and it also gives me some place to put Adsense and other advertising if I want to – at least it gives me the option.

No I didn’t go live with any of the new Dynamic View Themes, while some of the themes were intriguing, they are not what I am looking for in a blog theme, they are too blah and not customizable.  These would appeal to those who are either looking for a more minimalist or one that focuses more on imagery to guide readers where they want to go.

The reality is that I like colors too much and a gray/black theme is not what I want.  Also not being able to easily customize those themes to meet my individual taste (in other words make it mine) or have a sidebar (at least from what I could see from my preview) make these new Dynamic View themes – not what I am looking for.

I am sure that there are many bloggers who will love these these themes and they are exactly what they are looking for, but as I have stated they just don’t meet my needs. Perhaps if they allow some more personalization of these themes, I might try a couple of them, but until them I will stay with what I am using.

Disclaimer – No one has provided me any form of compensation for writing this post, the opinions expressed here are my own, based upon my experience with this product.

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Dynamic Views Themes – My Thoughts

  1. Harold,, You are not alone! I came across your blog looking for a way to change colour in the new Blogger Dynamic views. Like you I really do not like the grey on grey that seems to predominate all default web pages nowadays. Ok my eyes are getting older, but this lack of contrast is appallingly bad for eye strain, and anyway I like colour, its part of my blog brand. I like my widgets too. That said I like the basic idea of Blogger's Dynamic views. Lets hope they note users feedback and rectify the options. Happy blogging


  2. Sheila – Like you said it seems as though too many sites that are gray on gray or black are becoming predominate around the web. It is great for those who like the minimalistic look, but as you can see, like you, I like the colors and contrasts. It is Google's choice to go to this kind of visual branding for their products, but where I can I have gone back to their old style in most instances. To me the Grey/Black is what I want.Harold


  3. I think/hope it's just a matter of time until the new themes become more customisable. I love the simple clean look of them and the integrated social networking. But I have a custom domain so would like to be able to add my sidebar items and branding.Good post.Cheers


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