A Great Choice for Lunch

The wife was over house-sitting for SD#2 and I could have eaten anything that I wanted for lunch, so what did I have – a salad.

It was not just any salad!

I was able to go out and pick everything that is in this salad from our garden or the edges of the lawn (those so-called weeds that others try to get rid of instead of encouraging and finding a place in their salad for them).  Over the course of this summer, I have learned to enjoy eating salads, especially when I know exactly where and how they were grown and there is more too it than a little bit of iceberg lettuce and dressing.

Gardening and foraging for food is becoming a bigger part of my diet than it ever has in the past.  The best part of it is that, I really feel healthier than I ever have been during the fall and I attribute at least part of that to the changes I have made to my diet.  Usually, I have some kind of allergy or bronchial problem to contend with during September and it was nice to not have to battle that this year.
I do take a lot of pride and more than a little pleasure, with being able to go out and pick, clean and then eat what I have harvested. Unfortunately, the reality is that eating this way is coming to an end (a few more weeks) and we will rely more on store bought salads, which I do not enjoy nearly as much.
What a difference that a year makes, last year I probably would have had a sandwich with some potato chips, now I have – a salad.  I still have difficult time believing that I am eating this way.