An Apology to Google and Blogger

Boy am I an idiot!!!

Back on July 21st, I had to have been playing around with the settings in my Blogger account settings.  This was when I first got the new Blogger Interface and was looking around.  One of the things about the new interface, more of the commands are hidden and you don’t see what you currently have selected.

Above is what you see when you do a quick look and unfortunately, I never noticed that “Only these readers” was what my settings were on — instead of Anybody.  Needless to say having this box checked really changed who could see my blog during that time.


This one little check box being changed would account for the strange dip in my readership back in July and in my The Google Gods Striketh Me Down post, I blamed the Google Gods of doing something, when in fact it was something that I had to have done.

I apologize to Google for saying that it was something in the Google Algorithms that caused my drop in statistics, when it was my own fault that they went down.

Next I experience a drop in stats like this I will take a look at all of my setting and “Edit” them to ensure that they are all correct and that I haven’t accidentally changed a critical setting or like in this case a simple, but very important one.

It is interesting how Karma works sometimes, I decide to come back to “One Foot In Reality” and I find the problem that was affecting my blog.

It does feel good to be back and know what happened to cause my stats to drop so much.

One thought on “An Apology to Google and Blogger

  1. Thank you for that!I've been blogging on WordPress for about a year, but my wife recently set up her own Blogger account. If you do that from Vietnam, your interface will be in the Vietnamese language. Even if you're a lovely Aussie lass with a cantankerous American husband. We're going to have to do some serious snooping around Blogger, using your post as a translation.


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