Owning My Mistakes and Moving-On

Over the past few days/weeks I have done a lot of looking at and thinking about “One Foot In Reality”.

The basic question is what do I want from this blog.

I have started several WordPress.com blogs over the past few months and I really am not that crazy about that platform, even though I keep trying to use it. It works well for some, but there has always been something missing there for me and I can’t put my finger on it. No I do not want to go back to a self-hosted WordPress blog, been there done that and am not interested in doing it again.

When I first stopped using “One Foot In Reality” back on August 1st, I was too focused – actually too pissed off, with the problems that I was having with Blogger at the time which caused me to stop using it.

That was a big mistake!

To be honest, I should not have started any new blogs, but dealt with the issues as they cropped up and been patient with the Blogger developers, they were making a lot of major and much needed improvements to the program. I knew that there would be some issues when they started changing stuff around, but let my frustrations get the best of me and wasn’t patient.

I also learned on September 19th that it wasn’t Google’s fault for the biggest problem that I had with “One Foot In Reality”, it was something that I did as I explained in:

An Apology to Google and Blogger

When you screw up like that, I believe that it is only right to say you made a mistake and publicly admit it.  I am old-fashioned in that way.  Take responsibility for what what you say or happened and move on.  Karma can be a real bitch when you don’t. 😛

Changing Perspectives

Over the summer, I resigned from teaching and have gone into semi-retirement (or a sabbatical) or whatever you want to call it. During this time I have really focused on becoming more self-sufficient and living simply. I am attempting to learn or re-learn skills such as basic carpentry, bushcraft, gardening (my wife is very accomplished, I am more Harold the Destroyer), foraging, tool repair and other skills that I can use around the house and getting rid of “stuff” that we no longer need.

All of these changes were happening at the same time, which was causing me to have a difficult time figuring out the direction that I was going, much less what I was doing with any of my blogs. The hardest part was that I still considered myself an active educator and responded to many things through that filter. However, this inability to let got of who I had been, instead of moving froward towards the direction I was headed caused me a lot of uncertainty about what to focus on in my blogs. So it made them seem like a moving target. I just had too much going on and not enough patience to stop everything and do it right.

These changes in my life really are good ones and as I get further away from my previous life as a teacher, it is getting easier to let go of being one and focus on the where I am going.

Which Online Community?

For all intents and purposes I have not tied myself to any particular online community over the summer, I have tried out several to see how I fit. It seems that I have too many interests to be bogged down by a label and haven’t yet found that single online community that completely shares how I view things and probably will not – I am too Conservatively Liberal with Green views, who loves to be outdoors and computers. The other thing is that I don’t want to get caught up in the various arguments, agendas or attitudes that seem prevalent in most communities (online or real-life).
I guess it comes down to the idea that I don’t really fit any one label very well, who knows maybe I am becoming that odd and dour bastard down the road. Oh well I guess it could be worse 🙂
Where am I going?
Hell – I really don’t know, I have a loving and understanding wife (who puts up with “Harold the Destroyer”), we have 8 acres of land, a great dog, minimal bills and a lot of “stuff” – seems to me a great starting point. The only thing that I do know is that I am not sitting on my accolades and living in the past, it is time to look forward not back.
So what is my focus?
The trials and adventures that I encounter as someone who has escaped from the “9-5 world of work”.
I plan to write about how this “sort of retired” guy is learning to be more self-sufficient and my experiences with those efforts. Hopefully, there will be tales of the funny things that happen, the mistakes I make (there will be more than a few) and writing about some of the stuff that did work, along with a couple of short side-trips here or there thrown in every so often.
Here is to living simpler and seeing if it works.