Walking Around the Augusta Arboretum

We had a bunch of errands to do today, so we decided to start everything off by going for a walk at the Augusta Arboretum or as it has been mostly renamed the Elsie Viles … – a generous donor to Arboretum.  Nice woman, but seeing someone’s name around the Arboretum was and is a little strange to me – it will take some getting used – I know it has been that way for a while now…oh well.

When we started out there was a fox on the next hill over (about 50 yards away)

Look to the right of the tree, my little camera wasn’t up to getting a good shot and poor Bennie knew the “enemy” was around, but couldn’t quite place where and we kept him moving away.  He was standing on his hind legs trying to see where the fox was, bouncing all over the place, barking like mad.

However the fox didn’t run off, it just went in the tall grass and laid back down to see what we would do next.  This is what Bennie was bred to do chase foxes (he is a long-legged Jack Russell Terrier) and he wanted that fox.  Good thing we had him on a leash, otherwise nothing this side of hell would have stopped him from starting his own “Fox Hunt”.

They are letting the old hay fields grow back naturally with only paths mown through them.  Lots and lots of milkweed out there.

Can’t tell that this was a farm at one time, the old tote road made into a walking trail is a dead giveaway ;).

My pictures of the pines didn’t turn out, but I think that the plaque says it best.

My favorite picture of the day.

Yes it grows that way, there were several more mushrooms around like this 😉

The boardwalk out.

I love going to the Augusta Arboretum, it is an easy walk, you get to see many different plants and how quickly nature takes back land, the differences that have occurred in the 10 years we have been going there is astonishing.  Also, I get to see identified plants and trees, so that I will know them better when I am on my own.

Yes it was a great way to spend an hour and a half – you could easily spend most the day exploring all the little side trails, we are saving that for snowshoeing this winter, gives places a different look and perspective.