I Remember – Privately

Today is 9-11 and I will always remember what happened, where I was that day and what it means to me.  I chose not to take part in “celebrations, remembrances or other public functions to honor those who were lost that day and since that day as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center – it is not my way. There are too many others out there who are pontificating and spewing important words about what happened and I don’t want cheapen the memory or losses that occurred that day, by adding in my 2 cents.

Instead, I chose do something quiet and personal to remember 9-11 ten years later – a walk in the woods with my dog.

These pictures are a part the United States of America that I swore to defend “against all enemies foreign and domestic.” I continue to honor that oath.

I will not forget or attempt to diminish the effects of the attack on my Country – on September 11, 2001.