Glenn Campbell – Memories of Days Gone Bye

Originally posted on Simple is Working – 9/6/11

I was watching “207” a local TV show and they were talking about Glenn Campbell and his newest release Ghost on the Canvas. Of course I had to go take a peak at the YouTube video and I really enjoyed both of the songs that I watched:


Hearing his music again brought back a lot of good memories, I used to watch the Glenn Campbell show with my Grandparents.  It was a different time and a much simpler life than the one that I went on to lead – it sure had a lot fewer headaches and worries.

Who knows maybe part of this living a simpler life is allowing me to look back and reminisce about those time, but I don’t want to romanticize too much about those days, because I do know that the good olde days were not always that good.  However, like many I prefer to remember the good and let go of the other stuff.

Here is another of my favorites songs from Glenn Campbell from when I watched as a kid.

The Ghost on the Canvas will be his last album, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I wish him the best and want to thank him for the memories that his music does bring back. Me sitting in that old chair or more likely reading a book while laying on the floor in my Grandparent’s living room and watching him on that old 19 inch RCA TV.

Strange isn’t how that sometimes a quick two-minute clip on television, can take you on a trip down memory lane – fortunately, I enjoyed this one quite a bit.