Some Things Just Piss Me Off

Today I was walking Bennie for his daily long walk, when we got almost to the bog, I spotted this

This is the kind of thing that just pisses me off.  Someone had a huge lobster feed yesterday (it wasn’t there Sunday) and spent a lot of money for it. Then didn’t want the remains of their bounty in their backyard, so they go ahead and put it on a farmer’s turnaround.

Some people are such inconsiderate assholes who only think of themselves and don’t consider that this farmer doesn’t want their trash on his land, anymore than they want it on theirs (and no it wasn’t the farmer who had the lobster feed).

This isn’t the first time that trash, waste, old furniture, mattresses have been tossed into this area.  It is on the way back (for many people) from the transfer station.  When the transfer station doesn’t allow them to drop something off or isn’t open, a lot of them get pissed and say screw you, I’ll just dump it here, then the town crew will just have to come and get it.  And a few days later the item is gone, because the town crew takes it to the transfer station.

It would be nice if people would properly dispose of their trash and from the number of lobster that are in this pile, it seems that someone must have had enough money to buy this expensive feast, that they should have enough money to dispose of it properly or least the courtesy to keep it until the transfer station is open.

Oh forgive me…the transfer station doesn’t open until Friday and you don’t want your yard to smell like fish…to damn bad you bought and ate it, don’t make somebody else’s property smell like rotting lobster.

Damn that pissed me off this morning…sorry about the rant, but when people do stupid shit like this it irks the hell out of me!

First Raised Garden Bed

Originally at Simple Is Working 9/6/11

Last night I participated in #gardenchat for the first time and got some good advice from @Cowlickcottage on some things that I might want to consider when I begin.  Well today I began and here are the result.

Starting out, I know I should have taken the turf up, but I didn’t, just took the little rototiller and went at it.


The tools of the trade, with the wheel barrow doing its “High Ho Silver” impression 🙂

The finished bed ready for planting. Originally, I had thought this one was going to be for garlic, but the wife has other plans now, so I guess I have to put out a couple of more and see what else she wants to grow.
See how clean it is around the new bed, all the tools are picked up and put away – another new leaf that I have turned over in the last couple of months.
But that old stump is going to have to go away next spring, the tools crowbar, axe and shovel = Harold The Destroyer will do battle. 😉

Glenn Campbell – Memories of Days Gone Bye

Originally posted on Simple is Working – 9/6/11

I was watching “207” a local TV show and they were talking about Glenn Campbell and his newest release Ghost on the Canvas. Of course I had to go take a peak at the YouTube video and I really enjoyed both of the songs that I watched:


Hearing his music again brought back a lot of good memories, I used to watch the Glenn Campbell show with my Grandparents.  It was a different time and a much simpler life than the one that I went on to lead – it sure had a lot fewer headaches and worries.

Who knows maybe part of this living a simpler life is allowing me to look back and reminisce about those time, but I don’t want to romanticize too much about those days, because I do know that the good olde days were not always that good.  However, like many I prefer to remember the good and let go of the other stuff.

Here is another of my favorites songs from Glenn Campbell from when I watched as a kid.

The Ghost on the Canvas will be his last album, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I wish him the best and want to thank him for the memories that his music does bring back. Me sitting in that old chair or more likely reading a book while laying on the floor in my Grandparent’s living room and watching him on that old 19 inch RCA TV.

Strange isn’t how that sometimes a quick two-minute clip on television, can take you on a trip down memory lane – fortunately, I enjoyed this one quite a bit.