How Did I do on my Summer Honey-Do List

ChoresImage by theirhistoryvia Flickr Summer is officially over today – Labor Day.  Back in June I put together a “honey-do” list of things that I wanted or needed to get done around the house.

  1. Go to Minnesota and see daughter and the grandkids – knee still bothers too much to drive a long distances, but I will get there.
  2. My bookcase – it is trashed  cleaned and sorted.
  3. The books in the back of the garage – kept the ones I wanted, the rest became part of a garage sale.
  4. Inventory books and videos to know what I have and what I need to get put inventory into Shelfari, but I will probably go with something a little simpler, like Google docs Spreadsheet.
  5. The garage workbench and surrounding area all cleaned.
  6. Back of the garage (the dreaded storage area) garage sale took care of a lot, but still have a bit more to do. Freed up enough space to use this for wood storage.
  7. Taking snowblower in for servicing – taking in a couple of weeks
  8. Fixing the fence in the flower garden that is going to fall over
  9. Taking down the widow-maker trees from the most recent windstorm
  10. Go through my clothes and putting everything work related away for a year, then what I no longer need them get rid of Left 5 pants, 6 short sleeve dress shirts, 3 long sleeve dress shirts and my suit in the closet, rest of teacher work clothes in storage. Just have to remember to put my ties out there now 🙂
  11. Get rid of old magazines that I don’t need anymore Yard sale and town transfer station.
  12. Scan my Coast Guard records – changed to winter project
  13. Scan my Health records – changed to winter project
  14. Scan my Education Portfolio – changed to winter project
  15. Go through the family picture albums that were left to me when my mother died a couple of years ago
  16. Scan photos that I want to have available and upload to Picassa Scanned photos that I wanted
  17. Clean up the MacBook Pro – get rid of any software that I don’t want or need anymore – update to Lion when it comes out. I re-imaged the Mac – but kind of wish that I had waited to buy Lion, I hang-up far too often and have to turn-off my laptop to re-start it.  I am sure that Apple will fix most of the bugs within the next few months, but it is an inconvenience to have to put up with the bugs for now.
  18. Clean up the Dell – make sure it has all the updates it is supposed to do maintenance
  19. Create a walking trail around the property – we have talked about this for several years – next year
  20. Get dad to come down and setup a blind to hunt from (he likes that kind of stuff) – did it myself
  21. Obedience training with Bennie – he really didn’t need it, but still needs to get used to behaving properly around other dogs.
  22. Replacing the gasket on the wood stove and cleaning the chimney
  23. Adding extension onto the oil furnace chimney to make it higher – decided not to do this one
  24. Replacing side door on the garage – it still works and I don’t foresee it getting any worse
  25. Replacing sections of garage wall that are starting to rot at the base – they are not as bad as I thought, will look at again next spring
  26. Fix leaks on garage roof caused by shoveling snow off during the winter – knee is at the point where I can get up on the roof now, probably next dry day.
  27. Create a new garden in a better place – we decided to keep garden where it is and start using container boxes for garden in different areas.
  28. Build a wood storage area behind the shed – Changed plans on this one, using back of garage
  29. Look at how difficult it would be to create a small pasture area – could be done, but I would prefer not to and we don’t have any need at present.
  30. and I am sure many more things as I continue to look around more – found a lot more 🙂

Those are in addition to these projects or activities that have to be done every year:

  • Getting 5-6 cord of wood cut, split and stacked – got over half done which is enough for this year, will start in on next year’s during mid-September/October
  • Weekly yard maintenance
  • Gardening (wife usually does most everything – this year I get to help more)
  • Picking berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) from local area
  • Help with processing and canning the garden produce as things become ready to harvest
  • Practicing my archery skills to get ready for hunting season
  • Lifting weights most days
  • Hiking as often as we can
  • Getting the kayaks out and using them – unfortunately, never got them wet once 😦
  • Starting to run again as soon as the knee lets me, ride mountain bike until I can run. Notice that I am still planning time for recreation and me/us time away from the house too.  I started to run, but it did bother the knee, so I am walking a lot more, lifting weights and just being more active. Strangely enough biking hurts the knee almost as much as running. May try again next year, we will see.

Finding time to read all the books that I have been buying over the past few years, but never got around to reading. I read a lot this summer, but just not too many of the books that I had planned on.  I read a lot more “how to” books than I did my usual venue of Sword & Sorcery (oh I did sneak a couple in).

Finally, I will try to fit in some time to continue blogging at “One Foot In Reality”. 🙂  Due to a variety of reasons (see my The Google Gods Striketh Me Down post) I changed blog sites, but am now back to One Foot In Reality.

No I didn’t get everything done on my list, but I am very pleased with the progress that I have made so far on it.  I have gotten a lot done more done around the house than I usually do over the course of a summer and I have also learned a couple of skills that I didn’t have before (saw & knife sharpening, plus some other stuff), which I think is pretty cool.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks 🙂

What have you done to live a little simpler today?