What We Found on the Tomatoes

Originally at Simple is Working – 9/3/11

We were noticing that our tomato plants looked like they were nibbled on by something the past couple of days, but we couldn’t figure it out.

The wife was out collecting ripe tomatoes from our garden yesterday and we found the culprits

She found a total of 5 of them little dahlings and then did some research online about how to get rid of them. The tomato horn worm as we found out does a great deal of damage to your plants and can ruin your harvest if you don’t control them soon enough.  The wife found out that soapy water really discourages the little “beasties, so we soapy watered up the tomato plants.

We only found one small one after the soapy water last night and didn’t find any at all today.  Hopefully we got rid of the pest, because this is the first crop of Roma tomatoes that we have ever grown and they are doing fantastic. Lots of green tomatoes, just waiting to ripen.

Our cat looking in the bucket offering to help us out with the pests that had the wife up in arms.

We sure are glad that we figured out what was going on with the tomatoes, but the poop that these things left behind really made us wonder what was eating our tomato plants.  Be vigilant in your gardens and plant some marigolds close to your tomato plants – it is said that they might help keep these little buggers away too.

I just know that we are going to be vigilant about the tomatoes and rototill the hell out of the garden this year.