Back to Basic Cable

We have been thinking about dropping back to basic cable for a couple of months now. The cost of HD cable and High Speed Internet was over $120 per month, which to our way of thinking was just too damn much money for our limited budget. So today I unhooked the cable box, put their remote in a bag and we took everything to the cable company’s office, gave it back and downgraded our cable to basic.

By dropping to basic cable we will save around $50 per month, which is a pretty big deal to us or looking at it a different way – about half of our property taxes for next year – so this change really makes a lot of sense.

How will this change affect us?

Not all that much really, even though we had several hundred channels there were only around 10 that we watched very often, when we watched TV, unfortunately none of those 10 are included in basic cable.  We seriously debated ditching cable TV altogether, but opted for the basic to see how much we used that an we can always get rid of it later if we find we are not watching very much TV.

The three of us are usually on the computers doing something online, so downgrading the High Speed Internet was not an option at this time. The more we looked at it, the more we realized that the TV was used more for background noise than watching most of the time.

The hardest part of changing to basic cable was remembering how to reprogram the TV without having the manual around as a reference, (it was in the drawer and I was too lazy to go get it) and to get the VCR and DVD players hooked back up correctly.  Still working on the VCR, it just doesn’t work correctly yet, but I will figure it out.

What will I miss?

I will miss ESPN, NESN (the sports channels – I enjoy watching the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots games) and some of the history/educational type channels, but they were not worth the extra money we were spending to keep them.  Oh well, I guess this will give me more time to find stuff to write about here at Simple Is Working, work on learning new skills or even “believe it or not – read a book or two. 🙂