Busy Every Day

The garden is starting to wind down, we pulled out the string beans Tuesday and are drying what was left on the vines on some old screens.  We have done it this way for as long as I have been here and we usually get a few of servings of beans to bake up later.

I am really lucky, while I was giving my Google Docs presentation yesterday, the wife was home and rototilled and added manure/compost to the old green bean beds, made apple syrup from the early drops and somehow found time to make some pistachio muffins.  All I can say is wow!

I also got an email from the local sports shop, my Lansky Sharpening System came in and on the way home from the presentation I picked that up.  I know how to sharpen knives, but I never am able to keep the angle true, so I figured that with the money I got for my birthday, I would go ahead and get something that I’ve always wanted, but just never got around to getting.

I haven’t opened it yet to try to sharpen anything yet, I am going to wait for the next rainy afternoon, I have too many good weather projects that I have to get done before the bad weather arrives. Maybe this weekend – Geez, I can’t believe that I am learning patience, something is seriously wrong with me.

Let’s I got files to sharpen saws and now the Lansky to sharpen knives, I wonder what I have to look for next?
The reality is that I am very lucky to have a partner and wife, who works harder than I do most of the time. We tried the apple syrup on our oatmeal this morning, it gave it a nice mild but sweet flavoring. Another few items added to the larder.

It is amazing what you can do when you work as a team and how busy we are everyday. There is always something to do or a different project to start or complete.  I guess we are making up for all those years that we worked for someone else.