I Got LUCKY – Free Garend Raised Bed Frames

Originally at Simple Is Working – 8/23/11

We have been talking about creating some raised beds for more garden space (and less to mow). However, I just never got around to getting the material this summer, it has just been rather hectic and we are watching our pennies a bit more.

We were on our way to hiking over in Belgrade and we saw this pile of free stuff at the local lumber yard.

We decided that if they were still there, when we went back by that I would come back with the truck and get some. They were all about 4’x3′, almost the exact size I was going to build for my raised beds anyway, so I was hoping against hope that they would still be there later – around here you put free on something and it usually disappears pretty damn quick, if it is at all useful.

When we went back by some were gone, but there were enough left to go get, so as soon as we got home I turned around and took the truck and got six of them.  I didn’t want to seem too greedy.

Then as the day went on and I thought about it and talked with the wife, we decided that we had plenty of use for them, I went back and this time put as many as were left in the truck (yes someone else had taken some before I got back) and it was a full bed.

So this is what I ended up with:

If I double them up, I have perfect raised beds.  WHAT A DEAL!!!

All I have to do is either hammer or cut some of the nails out and figure out where to put the raised gardens in the yard.  Now to go see the neighbor and find out if he will either deliver or fill the truck up with manure, so I can put it in the bottom of these to get ready for next spring.

Funny how this worked out, but sure is going to save me a lot of work and buying materials.  Thank you local lumber store for having the foresight to know that these were exactly what I was looking for and then putting them out front in your FREE pile 🙂 or in other words I got totally LUCKY!!!!

I know that we will put them to good use in growing more veggies next year and yet another step toward being more self-sufficient.

Sanders Hill Hike-Belgrade Maine 8-23-11

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/23/11

We finally got out and did a little more difficult hike, I have been a little wimpy with my knee, but it did just fine and now I have the confidence to go out and do more 🙂 which is a great thing.


It was a perfect day for a hike, cool (never got out of the 60’s).  The knee was fine, a little creaky at the end, but nothing serious, unlike last year when I hiked it last summer, I was still able to walk and do stuff afterwards.  Finally, starting to feel as though I am making progress.

I do like this hike, it takes about 2 hours to complete and except for the part on the 4 wheeler trail, is a nice hike.  It is challenging enough, but not so tough that you don’t want to go out and do it again and is a confidence builder for something a little tougher next time.

The trail is well marked and you don’t have to worry about getting lost, which is a consideration on less maintained trails.

Overall on a scale of 10
Enjoyment:  9
Difficulty:   4
Tiredness: 4

Sanders Hill Hike is one of those local hikes that you do again and again. All I know is that it was fantastic to be able to enjoy the hike, instead of suffering through it!

Now to get rid of the lardage.