Pick-Up Litter – #CTWW Challenge

Every Wednesday at Reduce Footprints there is a weekly #CTWW challenge related to becoming a little more green. This Week’s Challenge:

“Let’s tackle litter this week. Litter is not only unsightly and bad for the environment, it’s dangerous for wildlife who mistake it for food or get caught in containers trying to get at food. So let’s get rid of it.
This week go for a walk and pick up litter as you go. If you don’t find any litter on your walk, then just enjoy being outside and “commuting” with nature. By the way, this is a great activity for kids so don’t forget to include them.”

Most days we walk Bennie (the Jack Russell) 2-3 times a day and I used to carry a plastic bag to pick up garbage, along with cans and bottles (they have a 5 cent deposit) for our retirement fund. To be honest I have been a little lax or more blunt lazy lately and haven’t been picking up as much of the trash as in the past.  This challenge spurred me to get back in the habit.


This morning I decided that I would do a better job and below are the results:

There is still some trash in the bag, but I didn’t want to touch it again so I left it in there (there was some rather nasty stuff in there).  I don’t pick up cigarette butts. One thing that was especially nasty was someone used a beer can as a spittoon and when I picked it up, all the brown stuff oozed out, I had several gag reflex moments and threw it in the bottom of the bag – nasty, nasty, nasty habit.

Based on what they leave behind, It seems that a lot of the people who throw out trash out on my road smoke cigarettes/chew, drink beer/coffee and eat junk food. Based my knowledge of the neighborhood I live in I have a pretty good idea of where most of these items are from and the people threw them on the side of the road.

The good news is – I have added 40 cents to my retirement fund 🙂

In the spirit of the challenge, when you go for a walk today, take along a plastic bag and some gloves and pickup trash along your walking route and take a picture of what you collect. Show us your collection of litter or maybe even a treasure item or two.