The Trees Are Down – The Work Begins

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/5/11

Well the tree service has done their job, I have 8 trees laying on the ground waiting for me to make them into firewood. If you live in the Central Maine Area and need a great tree service Foster’s Tree Service in Sidney, Maine, does the job right.  This is the 5th time I have used them and I have been very pleased every time and the prices are very competitive.


Now that those trees are on the ground, it is up to me to cut them up, so shortly after the tree service guys left, I started limbing and cutting to stove length the two easiest ones.  I also cut down and processed a widow-maker tree in the same general area. It needed to come down for safety reasons, plus I had the saw out and was looking at it. 🙂

Tools of the trade

Just a bit of splitting to do, it is amazing how little wood there actually is to split after cutting up a tree. This is one medium-sized tree and two smaller ones.

Yes I still split my wood by hand (part of my exercise program – helluva workout and your abs are toast for a few days when you first start).  The maul and wedge are for those stubborn ones that I get frustrated with. 😛

Another tool that will get a lot of use over the next week or so – the chipper.  I don’t like burning, so we chip the brush and branches.

That was a pretty good morning workout, now to get these three trees chipped, split and stacked this afternoon and tomorrow morning.  Then Monday start in on the jigsaw puzzle for next 6 trees that were dropped on top of each other. It was just how they had to lay the trees down in a limited area, but at least I don’t have a long ways to walk to get things done 🙂

Time to get back to work – I guess this is what I meant by semi-retirement – I certainly am not sitting on the couch watching SportCenter, drinking beer and having a bag of chips beside me all day or is that eating bonbons 😛