Flexibility Works to Get Things Done

By  7:00 P.M. last night I had planned what needed to get done today and had thing pretty much ready to go.  As the saying goes “the best laid plans of mice and men”, well to say the least I didn’t cut down any trees to make more firewood today.

Instead I helped out a friend (which is always a good thing), take stuff to his local transfer station with my pickup truck. It wasn’t cheap for him and I got a couple of small tools and something that I don’t have a clue what it is? But it looked interesting, so I kept it.

Over the past few days, I have cut down our three-year old wild raspberry bushes that have taken over parts of our yard and attack us when we walk by.

If you look to the left of the pea patch, you can see a wild growth of raspberries, but what you don’t see is

the high bush blueberry bush and asparagus patch that had been engulfed by the raspberry bushes.  I did this to two other wild raspberry patches that no longer were producing any fruit.

Doing this must have given my wife an idea for another honey-doo item.

When I got home the wife asked me to take out the rosebush that has grown mostly wild in our back yard for the past 10 years – it had gotten too big and was screaming “feed me Seymour” when somebody would walk by it.  It has taken its share of shirts and has drank too much of my blood while mowing the lawn over the past few years, so I was more than willing to do battle.

I was smart for a change, I put on long pants, long sleeve shirt, my lumberjack helmet w/visor (I thought about the chaps, but didn’t) and leather gloves before I started the attack and boy was I glad that I did.  My usual uniform of shorts, T-shirt and sneakers, wouldn’t have been enough protection this time.

I took out the trusty weed wacker with the metal blade attachment and started the attack.  The bush fought back mightily and was out to take no prisoners.  It clawed at me mercilessly trying to put sharp thorns through my flesh, as I fiercely attacked it with the whirling metal instrument of death.

I got through the first layer of the rose-bush and blackberry cane defense and had to stop and go get my loppers.  They were simply too big to be fought with a lowly whirling metal blade.  They needed a bigger adversary – I almost thought about getting my axe, but figured that might be overkill.  Some of the rosebush stalks were over an inch thick, I couldn’t believe it – I have never seen rose bushes that thick before.  Between the two weapons of doom the rosebush and blackberry bushes met their maker and were laying prone on the ground, waiting to be carted ignominiously off into the woods.

I had three large piles of rosebush and blackberry thorns/canes and dragged them out back for small critter/bird habitat until they break down and then raked up a wheelbarrow full of smaller stuff to dump out there also.  I just have to remember this is where I put the thorn bushes when I am wandering around out there, so that they do not exact a terrible revenge upon their tormentor  –  🙂

After that adventure, I moved to the more mundane act of mowing the lawn and then went for an enjoyable mile walk with the wife and Bennie.

Even though I didn’t get a thing done that I had planned last night, it was a very productive day and I got a lot more stuff done around the house – the kind of stuff that I never used to get to.  Yes I still have to cut more wood, but I will get it done over the course of the next few months and I don’t have to rush into it – too much yet.

Helping others is the right thing to do.  Having the flexibility in my life to make it happen feels good and is part of the simple life that I have chosen to live.

Are you doing the right thing for the right reasons?

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