The Google Gods Striketh Me Down

On September 19, 2011, I figured out that it was not the Google Gods Striking Me Down, but accidentally clicking the wrong box in the new interface as I explain in:

An Apology to Google and Blogger

Cross Posted at Simple is Working

I have moved back and forth between One Foot In Reality and Simple is Working over the past couple of weeks.  The biggest thing holding me back was that One Foot In Reality had been my most successful blog to date and generally had between 300 and 500 page views a day.  Not great, but not too bad for a small blog.

Well I recently uploaded all of my Blogger posts to Simple is Working and have cross-postd between the two blog to see which one was the better place to post, i.e. which one had more people reading my posts.  I had planned on doing this for a month or so before making a decision on which blog to keep as my primary blog.

All that effort on my part must have paid some dividends somewhere because this is what my stats look like now. It seems that my stats have been readjusted lately at One Foot In Reality – down – way down.
The built-in Stat Analysis in Blogger.
From Google Analytics
I am now getting more hits at Simple is Working that was created a few weeks ago than One Foot In Reality that was created a year ago. Boy I must have pissed-off the Google Gods in the sky, because I was running two blogs and got penalized severely in their search engine algorithms.
Oh well that was the only thing that was really holding me back from completing the switch to as my primary blog.
Thank you Google for making the choice so much easier for me and probably in a direction that I would not have gone.
So welcome to my primary blog – “Simple is Working”.  I know that it is a lot simpler just focusing on the one blog, instead of trying to run a couple of different ones.
So this will be my last cross-posted post for a while 😉