Colby College Upper Trail Walk 7-31-11

Today was guys day out, my wife was working the yard sale, so Bennie and I had time to go and have a long walk someplace.  I haven’t done the upper trails at Colby for a couple of years and figured that they would be a nice change of pace.

The trails at Colby are very easy to walk and most are wide enough that Bennie is able to wander around a bit. For every mile that I walked, I bet that he walked at least two.
I also found a new trail that was created in the last couple of weeks, judging from the freshness of the sawdust and cut marks on the wood.
That trail was a little more difficult to walk on, due to the newness, but still very easy.
Back on a more established trail.
The sitting tree, I have seen this tree before and always thought it would be a great place to take a book and just sit and read.
Looking down across the field.  They seem to be letting the fields go back to woods and are only cutting swaths through for trails.  So probably in 20 years, this view will look very different.
Overall, it took us just over an hour to do the walk, so I figure it was somewhere around a 3.0 mile walk, mostly in the woods (I can’t really consider this a hike).  During the walk we met another person with a big dog, a runner and an older lady, who was walking with a cane and a noticeable limp, but was truckin right along.
It was a good walk and I have a feeling that I might start running this course once a week or so, just to have a different place to run. I do like the Colby trail system and how well they maintain it.  The best part is that it is fairly close by and I have a feeling connects into the new trails that are being developed over by Seton and crossing JFK over to the Inland/Airport trail system.
I would love to see a current map of the Waterville trail system to see how extensive it actually is, because it seems as though they are putting in a lot of trails around town lately.
Which is a great thing.
The link to the Colby Trail System map