Preserving My Family Heritage – Scanning Old Photos

One of the simple things that I have done this summer is preserving pieces of my family’s heritage, by scanning as many of the photographs that are in my mother and grandmother’s old photo albums.
This project has brought back memories of simpler times in my life and allowed me to see pictures of me that I haven’t seen in many years.  It also made me wonder about the lives of the people in the old photos, who they were and how they lived.
Below are some of my favorites:

There are so many more great pictures that bring back a gamut of memories.  I also have a bunch of pictures that I don’t know who is in the pictures, but I am sure that they are either relatives or friends of the family at that time. I am hoping that I can get with my Uncle and that he will know some of the Unknowns.

This is one of those projects that is just really tough to do, it is monotonous and to manually scan the photos is boring to say the least.  However the finished product makes it so that you can share these photos with the rest of the family, instead of them only sitting in their storage container in the back of my garage.  Also if something were to happen to the original photos, I still have online copies and the memories are not lost forever.
It is a simple project and one that is worth it, once you are done.  I just wish that I had done it when my mother was still alive.  I missed the opportunity to use her knowledge of who is in those pictures.
What are you doing to back up your heirloom photos?  How would you feel if you lost them?  We have all said that “Oh I want to scan my old photos, well stop talking about it and do something about it. It is simple once you get started – the first one is the hardest one.
Also do it while prior generations are still alive to tell you who are in the photos and some of the stories behind the photo.