Hanging Out Clothes – A bit Zen-Like

Sometimes the simple things cause you to think the most.  My wife does the laundry about 90% of the time, not because I am unwilling, but because she doesn’t like the way I did it when we first met and has done it ever since.  However, this morning I “helped out” by hanging the clothes on the line.

I had forgotten how long it takes to actually hang clothes on a line – about 15-20 minutes for a large load like we had this morning.  During this time I got to hear and watch the hummingbird fly around, the chickadees at the bird feeder, watch a plane go by overhead; listen to the bluejays calling to each other, a squirrel scolding me for being in their territory, a hawk screeching in the distance, motorcycles roaring by on the road and see the sun burning through the clouds.

How often do I just go through the yard and not pay very close attention to any of these sights or sounds – far too often I think. I am thinking of too many other things and how to get them done or I am just going from one place to another in the yard.

Hanging clothes on the line can be more than a simple chore that you need to hurry through, so you can move on to the next thing that needs to get done. Yes it is easier and faster to throw your clothes in the dryer and turn it on, but does it give you a chance to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature? Not to mention saving a little bit of money each time you don’t have to run the dryer for an hour.

While doing this “chore” you stay in one place until you get it done, the outside critters don’t seem to be too overly concerned by you being there and go back to their normal activity shortly after you get out there, which was very surprising to me.

All their activity made the hanging of clothes a little longer than it needed to be, but I enjoyed stopping to watch their antics and listening to the different sounds of being outside.  It was something that I needed to do, most of the time when I am outside I am always doing this or that, when I should be of slowing down more, to see what is going on around you, enjoy that time and not always be rushed to get something done – now.

It is strange how something as simple as hanging the clothes on the line can, help re-connect you to what is going on in your yard and what is important.