Going Green – Well Sort Of – Maybe

Weird title isn’t it?  What do I mean by it?
Basically it means that we are doing things that are considered “green” more and more, but at the same time like most people today, we enjoy the comforts and devices available to in the U.S. now. I don’t think that there are too many of us that voluntarily want to go back completely to living the pre-1800s lifestyle. Even if it might be a helluva lot better for the planet or if people don’t smarten up a lot pretty quickly.
My experience of going “green” is it is not usually an epiphany type moment, where you suddenly realize the error of your ways and drop or stop everything that you are doing and voluntarily change your lifestyle and “go totally green” overnight.
For me going green was/has/is being done in stages and with stops/starts, side trips, a two steps forward/one step back type of journey.  Instead of a simple progression of getting greener and greener from where I began to where we are now.  I have a feeling that describes the journey that most of us have taken while we try to become more “green”.
Being on a fixed income, really doesn’t allow us to do things like solar power, wind power and our home itself does not lend itself to other improvements easily, so we do what we can, based on our abilities and limitations.
As we move forward, I do want to look at more “green” growing methods, hygiene, cleaners, new furnace thermostat, water retrieval and food storage systems. However, the biggest change that I want to affect over the next year would be to buy more locally, instead of buying things that need to be shipped in from all over the world.
While we have been and are making progress on this journey to be green, we still have a ways to go to be where we want to be.
We are making steps forward, relatively small steps, but steps nonetheless.  However, we still live in the modern world and I do plan to enjoy those conveniences and being able to use the things like my MacBook Pro and all the other tools for as long as we can.
As much as we might want to think that this modern lifestyle will last forever, I do consider it essential that we also have backup plans and equipment in place for times when the modern conveniences either don’t work or if things have changed considerably due to an emergency situation or other events.
I guess that being prepared for the unexpected is just part of the old Coast Guard motto “Semper Paratus” – Always Ready.
Becoming more “green”, sustainable or using less is becoming a major part of our voluntary reduction to our lifestyle.  I guess they go hand and hand to some extent.
What are you doing to be more green?  Do you have any suggestions for me?