Apple’s Lion for Mac – My Initial Thoughts

I downloaded Apple’s new Operating System for the Mac – Lion this afternoon. Yep, I paid my $29.99 for it and how did the install go.

For the most part no problems, I had a glich where the download stopped about ¾ of the way through, but I went back into the MacApp store and it started right where it left off. The total download took a while, but I just kept working on other things while Lion was downloading in the background.

Yes I quit everything (the other software that was actively running from the dock and began the Lion install, Lion says it needs 33 minutes to install and it takes all of that plus a little. Once I went through and agreed to Apple’s Terms of Service – which I did not read, because it really doesn’t make much of a difference does it. If I want to use Lion, I have to agree to what they want and no I don’t really know what problems that will cause me down the road.

Sometimes you just have to trust big companies’ Terms of Service Agreement (they are in the Company’s favor, not yours and are written that way).

Just the way it is.

Lion is now installed and running without any apparent difficulties. At first TweetDeck or wouldn’t go beyond the spinning wheels, Google notification for gMail/gCal had yellow shields on them and the MacApp store didn’t show my previous purchases. But after a couple of hours, it seems that everything is running the way it is supposed to.

Now that I have it what changes have I noticed so far:

  • Launchpad is okay, but it either shows all Apple software or all Non-Apple software and there is not rhyme or reason. When I first opened it was all Apple, now it is everything else, but no Apple software???? Maybe I have to fix a preference setting or something.
  • Trac Pad – Goes backwards from the way they had it previous if you want to go up using two-fingers, it goes the opposite of what I did before, kind of confusing, but I will get used to it. I will get used to the other gestures as I muddle along, learning as I use Lion.
  • Mission Control – Still is something that I don’t see me using all that much, a combo of a couple of features that I never used in Snow Leopard.

Here is a screenshot of Apple’s MacApp Store review.

Those are the obvious new things, I haven’t really figured out all the new “stuff” that Lion is supposed to do to make my MacBook Pro better, but other techie type blogs will be passing along that information.

All I know is the actual installation was very easy, just have to be patient. If a piece of software doesn’t appear to be working initially wait a little while. Don’t be impatient like I am and get frustrated quickly because something is not working immediately after you install Lion. Restart your computer wait a little while (whine a little bit on Twitter with the offending @software names) and things seem to straighten themselves out.

So do I really know what Lion is going to be good for? No I haven’t been focusing on its reviews and all the hype, I preferred to get it and then look around. My Mac does seem a bit snappier though, but other than the damn track pad going the wrong direction when I use two-finger scrolling, everything seems to be working fine.

Overall I would have to say it was the easiest install of an Operating System that I have had since I have been using computers, starting back in the Commodore Vic 20 days.

I will get used to this two-finger scrolling yet!!!! But until I do, it is a pain in the ass!