RunLog 7-14-11 – No Stopping Today

This morning was a lot cooler and not nearly as humid as it has been, so today, I wanted to run the 2.0 miles without stopping and I did. This was also my fastest time yet, so I am really pleased with the progress.  The knee still is not a comfortable as I want it to be, but I know that it feels 100% better than it did before the surgery.
On the last mile, I walked just over half and ran slowly from the top of Blake Rd Hill to Steven’s Gate and felt fine.  So my total today was closer to 2.4, but I know that I am not ready for the hills or the 3.0 miles yet,  still have 17 days left in July, then I will think about running further.
Who knows maybe I will go up to Benton and run the old railroad bed, they turned into a walking trail.  It is flat and the surface is dirt.